November 30, 2005

On Interns...

Q: "So, what do you do as an intern here at the Department?"

A: "I pour champagne."

No seriously, that's what I did this afternoon... I poured champagne for people far more important than me that will never remember my name...

But I did get to drink some too!

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November 29, 2005

You're Flippin Kiddin Me...

I already know we have some seriously bitchy power delivery systems out here where I live. Personally, I blame the shitty construction that also allows me the following luxuries:

- awesome acoustics with which to hear the mini-Olympians running track and doing the long jump directly above my bed at 7am
- cold air that always seems to find its way into the house during the worst part of the dreariest days of winter to create treacherous drafts
- heat that builds up in my room so easily that even when there are 5 inches of snow on the ground right outside, my room is an unbearable sauna.

I have put up with power outages during rainstorms, snowstorms, the nicest spring day, and clear evenings. In fact, I even put up with one night where the power went out and came back on again at least four times...each time waking me up as my cordless phone searched for its base station. I won't even set my clock radio anymore because the power flips off that freakin often.

But tonight, the gremlins gnawing on the power lines went too far...

I just gotten home from a long day at the office where the computer corrupted a big file (and my boss frustrated the hell out of me) and an extraordinarily long class session where the prof tried to argue with me about whether my paper was late (no f'in way, pal). All I wanted to do was read my e-mail and have some dinner. I opened outlook, waited for the mail to download off all the servers, and started to delete the junk...

When the power blipped...just enough to make my computer restart...

Every bit of the day's e-mail from the main server (with the exception of 2 messages that I couldn't give two shits about) was gone. Not in outlook, not on the server... gone.

You have got to be flippin kiddin me! You just do not mess with a woman's e-mail...

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November 28, 2005

Back to the Grindstone

...err... headstone? I don't even know what you call my job...

My first day back after being gone for 10 whole days, according to my boss "a ton of shit when down" while I was gone, and I was so bored ... I hella fell asleep at my desk... twice...

Damn my job is exciting!

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Wheels Down

Finally, I've made it back to DC in one piece. Actually, to tell you the truth, I made it back last night. So why am I just now getting around to blogging?


I was enjoying the fact that the place is clean. I can lay on the couch, read a magazine work on a paper, and light a candle without fear I might set half my house on fire. And I think ArmyWife swept out the garage while she was here too...

The only problem is, I think she cleaned too well. Some of my things seem to have gone into hiding...

I mean, I know ArmyWife and I can probably wear a lot of the same clothes but some of my favorite under-thingies... ? Odd things to borrow. And speaking of which, either she's found a new and interesting place to hide my stash of fun-time toys or she and I are much better friends than I had previously thought...

I see that RSM didn't quite learn the trick to my ghetto fancy-shmancy DVD player either since his *ahem* evening 'entertainment' is still lodged in the tray. The player feisty like that... needs a little stroking of her own before she hands over the goods. I'll have to return this DVD to him... one of these days...

I can't thank these two enough for watching the house while I was away. Everything is still in one piece, its clean, and there are even holiday decorations up. These guys are too good to me. A mighty nice return, much nicer than I deserve for asking such busy people to keep house for such a long time. I simply must have them over for dinner.

Now, I still have to figure out that whole drag queen impersonation on my answering machine though... the voice is just so strangely familiar... but I can't quite place it...yet...

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November 27, 2005


The good news is the Cat is back in town, the bad news is the mice can no longer play.

So I must set down the martini glasses, fluffy slippers, olives, and bottles of nail polish.

Now where did I put my apron, rubber gloves, cleaning bucket, hair clip, and diaper bag?

Well it was fun while it lasted. Darn I need to do this again. Maybe next time I will show up in D.C., and you won't be able to rid yourself of me.

Welcome home Cat, I tried to clean up round here. Oh and if you are missing anything, you will probably find it at RSM's.'

*whistling, and closing the door*

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November 26, 2005


(more guest blogging)
I was having lunch with my close, personal friend Madonna yesterday at a Taco Bell in Tampa before we had to rush off to the Cirque du Soleil show when she said, "Man, those metal cone bras took their toll over the years. My back hurts all the time now."

It made me think.

Often we see the outside of things and think that tells us what is going on inside, but we never really know what those outside signs mean, and whether they are a mask for some inner pain. When not in BDUs we see soldiers with their upper left chest a display of colorful ribbons. For the most part we civilians look at that and assume quantity is quality. The patterns and hues are a mystery to most of us and we hope to decipher but end up being as confused as someone trying to determine if the snake that just bit is a coral or king. Some are indicators of attendance. Others are indicators of true excellence and valor. But they are all indicative of a story, sometimes good, sometimes bad. And keep in mind some of our fighting men and women choose to only wear a few if any of those medals they've earned.

As we were reminded in our most recent national election, not all medals are necessarily awarded for the same reason, either, and there were periods of medal inflation. But be comfortable in this bit of knowledge: almost every single person who put on a uniform and swore an oath did so knowing he or she would be giving up a part of their lives for a greater good. They aren't perfect beings, but I will wager any day that you will find more worthwhile people in their midst than in just about any other mix. Have you been to Walmart today to shop?

Sometimes the ribbon is not the only thing they came away with. Sometimes it's a piece of shrapnel or a limp that will be with them long after the uniform is folded and put away. It's worth taking the time to get to know someone like that. Learn from him, if you can.

That Maddy, she really makes me reflective sometimes.

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November 25, 2005


I wanted to make things nice for big sis when she got back. You know, holidays are coming. So a few of my Lessons Learned today:

* First off, no one told me you couldn't save money by making your own bags of microwave popcorn with a few ziplocks and a big jar of Redenbacher. Guess I'll be headed to Wicks and Things for some more scented candles.

* Second, cats like catnip, not mistletoe. Keep that in mind when putting on their festive collars. Guess I'll be headed to CVS for some more Bactine.

* Third, do NOT heat champagne in the bottle before adding it to your spiced cider. Next stop, Pearl Vision for some new contacts and maybe a little ointment. Can someone give me a ride?

At least I have a week or so to get all this cleaned up. The most decorating I do in my cabin is a string of lights along the crossbeams in the living room and a few more pictures of my friends on display. I'm a man, that's what you get. Besides, the hell of Black Friday tends to get to me. I really want things to be special for Cat when she gets home, she's so far away from her family out here.

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November 24, 2005


Today I am thankful for...

Improvements in my relationships with my family.

My best friend finally finding a man who values her like the rare gem she is and always will be.

The ability to escape the east coast several times a year.

Friends who support me and keep things running (like my blog) when I want to run away from everything.

Having the opportunity to meet so many terrific, kind, amusing, entertaining, and all around wonderful new friends and bloggers at my first and second (of many) blogmeets.

Our military men and women that sacrifice their normal lives in order to make the world a better, safer place for all of us.

Self-awareness and the ability to learn from ones mistakes.

My quite elderly kitty cat who still is still alive and kicking (and begging for attention) when everyone said he would be dead last year.

Friends that never forget you, even if you fall of the planet for a while.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! If you'll excuse me, I've got some stuffing myself to do...

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November 23, 2005

If I Were....Single?

Over at "my house", I do a weekly thing called if I were Emma I was wondering what I would be doing if I were single.

If I were single....

I would have called in sick today.

I would rent Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn.

I would listen to Nina Simone, and Shelby Lynn.

I would probably still be smoking.

I would buy myself a new blouse.

I would go to the store and shop with one of those cute baskets.

I would take the longest bath ever.......

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November 22, 2005

On the Move

Just wanted to check in with you guys... make sure the house is still standing and all...

I finally had lunch at the KC BBQ place where they filmed the sleazy bar scene in Top Gun. It was a cheesy tourist trip, I'm glad I took the time to stop by.

Unfortunately I was only able to stick around for 20 mins or so...I spent the rest of the day on a train from San Diego to LA. I'll be spending the next week or so avoiding interrogation enjoying some quality family time around here.

Now...who wants to tell me why the outgoing message on my answering machine has been changed to what sounds like a bad drag queen impression...?

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November 21, 2005

cleaning up.....

I better get some of this cleaned up before the princess gets home.......Once a Mom, always a Mom. Where did these feathers come from? Does anyone know how to get a DVD out of a seems to be stuck?

RSM, is in trouble.....

Cat, I only owe you a smell jar of olives, and some vodka.

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November 20, 2005


Well, that was awkward. There I was coming out of big sis' bathroom and Army Wife was sitting in the chair. I had no idea she was coming over. And she took the key out of the door where I specifically left it.

First off, before you start believing anything she says, I was just trying out some techniques for moulaging wounds the next time I have to do one of those emergency medicine workshops. Cat was out of blush so I was using some of the other eye-shadows. The lipstick was so red I wanted to see if I could make it look like my lips were cut. I swear. That's all it was.

Working around the house today I looked at the thermometer. 48 outside, then I noticed, 56 inside. Hmm. Guess I'm used to the cold now and I guess Bou won't be visiting me any time soon.

But tonight the chilled air came back with a vengeance. And tonight I light my first roaring fire of the season after a day of squirrel scouts back at my place. I'm sure Cat's out there on the beach enjoying autumn breezes and ocean air.

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On a Straight Tequila Night

Beaches, boots, dancing and shots... damn, it's good to be back in the southland...

I snapped some pics of the surfers today while I strolled on the sand.

Way authentic chinese food for lunch that rocked.

Finally got fitted for my boots - they are in the process of being ordered... Merry (early) x-mas to me!

A purple shirt and berry lips...

Lots of line dances, ass shaking to some bizzare hip hop, and I had no choice but to let my hair down and rock out to some 80s. (Someone lost my favorite hair clip though...)

And what night would be complete without my shots... open tab, tequila flowing... Mmm Mmm!

Coincidentally I ran into a guy I met last November when I was in town at the same bar. He came up and totally thought I wouldn't remember him but I did. He's a little sweetheart of a stud muffin. Too bad he bailed without saying goodbye...

But for now, in the words of Little Miss Teacher ... it's mimi time!

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November 19, 2005

Life of a Single Girl....


I finally found the f'in keys, and they weren't under the mat. RSM had left them in the door of all places. So I finally show up, and here I am, in a single girls apartment. WOW... I have not been single since 1991.........

So now I sit here, legs up on the ottoman. Martini in hand, eating olives. It is quiet. I have the remote to myself. There is a big bathtub sans ducks and squirt guns. There are even candles on the coffee table I can light.

This is a single girls place, complete with lingerie hanging over the shower bar, a fluffy rug by the tub.

The fridge is stocked with wine, cheese, olives, chocolate, chinese take out. No appplesauce, juice boxes, or soy yogurt.

I have no idea what I am supposed to do in here, I have forgotten...

Hell I didn't even trip over a babydoll, or step on a lego. It is like being in a foreign country.

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(guest blogger)
Such a good day. Zonker visited and we were able to talk for many hours. We even enticed Eric to the phone and into the conversation at one point. We certainly couldn't have talked with him in person. I bet he smells pretty bad today. It's amazing how the world of seeking online approval by strangers (a.k.a. "blogging") has led to real people who are smart, interesting and caring. Zonker, get out of the city. You are far too much of a gentleman to have to endure such louts.

Now I am waiting for the next return phone call from the one for whom I set aside this night. Voicemail tag is no fun. Reading, however, is.

Of all the things that Zonker noted about my home, I think it was the library that did it for him. Then I realized, I have disarray. Philosophy and drama are mixed up together on the same shelf. I really need a good librarian to come in here and whip this place (and me) into shape. I think I know JUST the person...

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In the Zone

My house is a simple place but has four different zones for my different moods. There is the main floor with the great room/kitchen/dining/fireplace and the guest room. This is the place for entertainment. Then there is the downstairs with library of built-in bookshelves, fireplace, comfy chairs and the hot tub, perfect for relaxation. My bedroom is my underground refuge, no light and little sound enters and it even has its own separate heating.

Why is this important? It's not, but I am noticing that in order to post on this site, I go to the fourth zone, the upstairs loft. I almost never write up here unless it is fiction. It's also the place for games and projects. Sitting up here, staring out into the woods, watching the water flow downstream, I feel like this is the appropriate place to think of something to say for big-sis... a place where beauty is all around. I am waiting for an "Old friend newly met" to come for a visit, eager for the conversations.

And what is it I have to say? Glad you asked. Nothing special:

Have a great Saturday. Take the time to talk with someone for no other reason than the pleasure of their company. If you want something to do at the same time, play cards. Turn off the TV, the radio, whatever other noisemakers you have and enjoy the moment. Sometimes we just have to be reminded.

(how does she walk in these heels?)

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November 18, 2005

On Balls

Looks like RSM is taking fine care of the library while I'm away and unable to keep an eye on things... Thanks, dude.

The ball was last night. As predicted, the poor Marines didn't know what hit em. The dress fit like a dream, the lipstick shiney red, the shoes strappy and sparkley. And for my benefit, studly eye candy as far as I could see. Naturally, I pissed off a few wives as I talked to their husbands... but hey, I didn't know who they belonged to! Besides, that's apparently what I do...

Gotta run, the clear blue sky and 74 degree weather is calling my name!

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The HEAD Librarian has Left the Building

Alright, that does not mean you get to mess up the periodicals section and if I see anyone in "Special Collections" with coffee I will tell. Last time it took weeks to get the stains out of the leather harnesses and restraints.... er... Leatherbound volumes! I meant leatherbound volumes!

As you can figure out, the Princess is off to the West Coast to enjoy herself among an onslaught of Marines. Pity them, they know not what they face should they show the slightest sign of weakness. *pounce!*

In the meantime I believe we'll be seeing a few guests here, including the Red Hot Martha Stewart (who has her hands full already with Dash and Pink Ninja) and myself, the little brother.

Can we replace her? heck no. But it will be fun trying out her stuff.

Note to self: Shave legs before putting on the stockings and don't look directly at the garters. If those things snap loose again, you could lose an eye.

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November 16, 2005

I'm Going...

I missed blogging yesterday because I was trying to tie up all my loose ends and make sure I got myself all packed. You guessed it. As LL Cool J once said...

I'm going back to Cali, Cali, Cali
I'm going back to Cali...

The rest of this week in San Diego, next week on the north side of LA. :o) (I don't how I'd survive without frequent flyer miles... )

Anyone want to guest blog while I'm away? Huh? Huh? I see you thinking about it...

UPDATE: Anyone that wants a postcard or has been craving something Cali, e-mail with your address and the item your little heart desires.

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November 14, 2005

Going Down

I didn't feel so well - ok, I felt like ass this morning.

Some type of hot flash overtook my senses...
I suddenly felt quite ill.
I took my jacket off...
I couldn't manage to cool down.
I touched my hand to any piece of cold metal I could find...
It worked until they grew warm.

I thought I was ok...
I was wrong.
The light headedness got worse...
My vision blurred...
My hearing faded...

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
I was going down.

I know what falling feels like later...
I didn't need that kind of hurt.
I slumped against the wall behind me...
I stayed on the floor for the next 6 stops.
I felt the angry stares from other cramped passengers...
I clutched my stomach praying not to hurl.

Finally it was my stop...

I made it through the rest of the day ok.

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November 13, 2005

Awww...I'm So Cute!

You Are A: Kitten!

kitty catCute as can be, kittens are playful, mischevious, and ever-curious. Like you, kittens hate getting wet. Kittens are often loving, but are known to scratch or bite when annoyed. These adorable animals are the most popular pets in the United States--37% of American households have at least one cat. Whether it is your gentle purr or your disarming appearance, you make a wonderful kitten.

You were almost a: Bear Cub or a Groundhog
You are least like a: Chipmunk or a FrogWhat Cute Animal Are You?

stolen (a long time ago) from: Ramblings and Travels

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November 12, 2005

Back in Black

Army Wife Toddler Mom wrote a few weeks ago about the hell otherwise known as "THE MALL." Today, I share a portion of her pain. I didn't have to try to shop with two children uninterested in how nice mommy's ass looks in the mirror... but I still had to go dress shopping...

Why would I torture myself in such a horrendous manner? For very good reason...

In less than a week I will continue the celebration of the Marine's 230th birthday by attending a Marine Corps Ball. And you know, I can't possibly think of a better way to spend a Thursday night. Single little me + a room full of Marines in full blues = GOOD TIMES. But I digress...

My red dress does not quite flatter me the way it once did so I had to resort to the back up - a black dress also hanging in my closet. It fit but it was not what I was looking for. It was more appropriate for a business gala than a military ball. Thus, a trip to the mall was in order.

Before I left I swore I would not spend a dime on another black dress. I did not want a black dress. While classy and timeless, black is boring and unadventurous. I refused to fly across the entire country just so I could walk into a room wearing the same color as half the other women there. I am going to this ball to make an enterance, dammit! I would not wear black unless I absolutely had to.

1 afternoon, 3 department stores, 1 shoe store, 20 dresses, and 10 pair of shoes later, I returned home with a decent ensemble I think I can use to flirt away the night.

. . .

and it's black

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*up top through Veteran's Day (Nov 11)

I have a rediculous soft spot for the military so I have no choice but to join up with Project Valor-IT as they try to raise money this week with a blogger competition fundraiser.

What is Project Valor-IT??
Project Valour-IT, in memory of SFC William V. Ziegenfuss, provides voice-controlled software and laptop computers to wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand and arm injuries or amputations at major military medical centers. Operating laptops by speaking into a microphone, our wounded heroes are able to send and receive messages from friends and loved ones, surf the 'Net, and communicate with buddies still in the field without having to press a key or move a mouse. The experience of CPT Charles "Chuck" Ziegenfuss, a partner in the project who suffered hand wounds while serving in Iraq, illustrates how important this voice-controlled software can be to a wounded servicemember's recovery.

I joined up with team Marines (the studly way they wear those blues only had a little to do with my choice) but you can join up with a team supporting any branch you like. Blackfive has all the details you could ever want on how to help keep a wounded warrior in touch with friends and loved ones.

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November 11, 2005

Veteran's Day

It's a bittersweet day in my kingdom...

I had planned to spend my day visiting wounded troops at Walter Reed Medical Center here in DC but my guide decided it was not a good day to go... I have to admit, I'm more than a little bummed to have my chance to give back on such a great day yanked out from under me. Yes, I'm that selfish sometimes.

But the cancellation was for a very good reason... seems most of the people she had planned to see are gone for the weekend. I am more than have my plans scrapped if it means that these warriors are getting to spend the weekend outside the hospital with their friends and family. Their opportunity to have that means far more than my opportunity to say thank you. I will say thank you on another day...on many other days...

And nothing is a more lasting thank you than a donation to a good cause. Valor-IT is still raising money for the voice activated laptops and every cent counts toward getting them to those in need. If you don't think you have the cash to donate, go check your couch cushions and the floor of your might be surprised what can be done with what feels like so little...


And a special thank you to my Grandpa Charles. I wish that life had not taken you away so soon. Knowing who you were and what you gave to our country would have meant so much.

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November 10, 2005

Happy Birthday, Marines!

Today is the 230th birthday of the United States Marine Corps and all the tradition that those finely dressed, ass kicking, young studs stand for.

In honor of all the great things the men and women of this fine military service have provided to us over the years, let me share some of my favorite USMC bumper stickers & slogans:

"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem" -- President Ronald Reagan

"Martyrs or Marines, who do you think will get the virgins?"

"Stop Global Whining"

"US Marines: Travel agents to Allah"

"You can't strengthen the weak by weakening the strong"

"Be safe, sleep with a Marine" (I especially love this one...hehe)

Be sure to buy your favorite Marine a drink today. You can start with Eric, or That 1 Guy, or USMC Vet, or Sgt B, or Telebush. But don't leave anyone out! And be sure to also have one in honor of Capt B who is in Iraq right now and Mike the Marine out on ship.

And please, take a few moments to give any little bit you can to help those who have been wounded in their time of service. The Marine team still needs your help to get to their goal of $21,000 for the voice activated laptops (Project Valor-IT) There is still time and any little bit you can spare will go farther than you can imagine to improve the lives of these warriors.

Have a great birthday, Marines!

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November 09, 2005

Just Hit Me...

I'm serious. The next time I put up a post about how its going to be a good day and things are looking up ... just hit me (or spank me...if you've passed the interview...)

It was an all around bizzare, twilight zone kind of day.

Several people emailed me with their Wednesday woes that seemed like they could only happen on such an evil day.

The Queen of Perfectionism (um, yeah, that's me) screwed up some number at work last week and the results have already been published to the entire office. D'oh!

Captain Parachute (yeah, that's my boss... he's always threatening to jump out the window) decided to doubt my number running abilities as a result of the aforementioned screw up and wants to trash the entire system of calculation. Bastard!

Had a series of brain freezes while running one of my weekly reports which prompted a series of stupid questions. Has someone stamped 'Schmuck' on my head yet?

Captain Parachute fell asleep last night and didn't do his homework for class (oh, he's 26 and in a Masters program too) so he asked me to do part of it. Which I wasn't really comfortable with, but I did since I finished all of my work by 11am. And then when I went to lunch and didn't get it done early enough he acted like I was being a slack ass. Fucker!

Class was lame (as usual) but especially shitty because the guy who was supposed to present wasn't there. He had some kind of family crisis and has actually withdrawn from the program all together.

The cable guy did come to fix the digital box but it didn't really make up for the rest of the day.

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Make It Through

The evil Wednesday has befallen us...again...

But there are two very important days to remember this week: The Marine Corps Birthday, and Veteran's Day. A lot of people will have Friday off. And Valor-IT is still running their fundraiser you really should harass everyone you know to donate to.

Even if it had a rocky start, I don't think this week is so bad.

So keep the good things in mind and make it through your Wednesday...tomorrow will be better, I promise.

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November 08, 2005

Son of A...

Not 24 hours after I turned in those oh so horridly evil science policy papers, the professor e-mails out the next round of questions.

Doesn't this guy understand my poor tired brain can only handle so much of his mish mash rolling around my pretty little head?

But its going on the back burner anyway... I've got another assignment due ahead of those ones. I tell you, it just never stops...

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November 07, 2005

What Kind of Soldier

The lovely AWTM called to check on me today since she knew I was struggling with these papers so much (she's such a sweetie) and we got to talking about some soldier stuff...

It made me wonder, what kind of soldier would I be?

You scored as Officer. Officer, your the brass. The leader of the bunch. You have leadership qualities, or you have a really big ego. Most likely both. You know how to get things done, and don't care who you have to kill to get them done. Your a man/woman with a mission and to stand in your way means pain. You have gumption and intelligence to back it up.

Hold the line!!! AND SOMEONE GET ME COFFEE!!!





Combat Infantry


Special Ops


Support Gunner








Which soldier type are you?
created with

I'm 0% civilian... hehehe... nice...

H/T: Bou

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Science Policy STILL Blows

Did I say something about my work ethic not letting me abandon my boss?

Yeah... um... scratch that... I'm at home today.

After all, isn't my GPA more important than an internship where I don't get paid, I do good work, and I'm willing to stay past my expected date of service? I think so.

So now the pressure's on, progress has been made, but I think the quality of the work has actually improved. I still don't like writing these damn things though.

Leave me a joke or something so I don't feel like this day sux so much... please?

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November 06, 2005

Science Policy BLOWS

I have never been so unmotivated to write papers in my life. I realize that science policy is important and it does have an impact on our national security, but these questions are just not up my freakin alley.

20-24 pgs, due by tomorrow evening...
My work ethic says I can't take the day off tomorrow, even though I work for free, because my boss hates to run the report I normally do Monday morning...
And I've got about, oh, eight pages?

I'm screwed... and not for a lack of effort either...

The only light at the end of the tunnel is that this is my last course in order to complete this concentration. Thank all that is holy I'm graduating in May. (Hopefully I haven't spoken too soon on that one...)

Back to the grindstone ...

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November 05, 2005

Little Big Town

As I find myself home on a Saturday night, dog-sitting and writing half of my 20-24 pgs for Science & Technology Policy paper due Mon, I am also enjoying the new tunes from Little Big Town.

Their CD, released last month, can be heard here on*

It's also a very soothing set of songs to sing along with. Track 4: Bring it on Home, Track 6: A Little More You, Track 13: Stay (acoustic) are my favorites.

*Not Firefox friendly

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Outsourced Pizza???

I just called to order a pizza from a place with a centralized order center... I swear to Jebus that the center was in India! What is this world coming to? I can't even order a pizza in english anymore...

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We Tried To Tell You

Mr Free Market has put up proof that all men should finally be able to understand. You are simply not meant to win an argument. The sooner you accept it, the happier we'll all be.

I'm not kidding. Really.

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November 04, 2005


Lil Bro texted messaged me to ask what I had planned for Mom's birthday.

Uh... nothing... cuz ... um... I forgot about it....

Any last minute ideas?

The damn thing's on Monday...

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November 03, 2005


This might sound a little personal but you know, its my blog and I just have to get this off my chest...

There are two things I hate in a way I couldn't possibly hate anything else. They are restrictive and binding, all around evil contraptions. But they are cute and foxy nonetheless. So naturally I love to shop for them. It is an odd love/hate relationship. It just depends on the day which side of the struggle I might land on.

So what is it that I hate so much?

1) Shoes
I am in love with them... the foxier the better. The higher the heel the better. But my feet are not prone to fitting in the foxiest of styles and heels have the ability to make my tall self a little too precarious to actually walk. However, this does not usually stop me from wearing them. If wearing them does not result in some ... ahem ... attention, they are the first things flug off as soon as I walk in the door. And one morning, after a long night of partying, I took them off as soon as I got off the train. Evil little fuckers that they were...

2) Panties
Again, I love them... nothing makes my night like just the right pair. And we're not talking full coverage fabric here either. How the hell are those things comfortable? I might sleep in em from time to time but that's the only reason I even own them. I'm in love with the cute little pieces of material that you never want your boyfriend's mom to find and your own mom makes faces just thinking about. The cuter the pattern, the better. But again, one of the first things I can't wait to rip off when I walk in the door. They get on like they have a mind of their own sometimes and I just can't deal with rebellious panties. Sit where I put ya or you're comin off!

But shoes and panties... now that's a whole different story...

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Damn Right

I love me some Terri Clark and her new CD has a song that says just how I feel about all these bloggers I've been going on and on about. As she says, "You're damn right I'm gonna miss you"

I'm not gonna lie or act like I'm that tough
There might be a tear in my eye
when I'm watching that airplane liftin up
I was never much for tellin you how much you meant
But I need you to know you were heaven sent

We went together like
highways and T-birds
Saturday sinners and Sunday church
and lookin back and crying and laughin
at the life between us too

we went together like memories and long gones
cowboys and sad old songs
after all of the holdin on tight that we went through
you're damn right I'm gonna miss you

I guess there are times
that all of us relearn
that life is a book and the pages
you know they're about to turn
and I don't know where the story ends
where its gonna go now
just as long as this chapter tells the whole world how

We went together like
highways and T-birds
Saturday sinners and Sunday church
and lookin back and crying and laughing
at the life between us too

we went together like memories and long gones
cowboys and sad old songs
after all of the holdin on tight that we went through
you're damn right I'm gonna miss you

Til next time...I'll lift my glass to your honor

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November 02, 2005

It's Still Fuct, But I'm Not

At work my computer flipped out and my profile disappeared from the system a week ago this morning. I lost a month's worth of work that may or may not be able to be recovered...

But you know, there is a silver lining to it all...

My boss doesn't much care when I come in and sends me home as soon as he leaves. I rolled in around 8:15 this morning, took my hour lunch at noon, and got sent home just before 3:30. How can I argue with that?

And on a day when class was cancelled? Which ever Gods are shining upon me this week, I only hope I can figure out what I did to please you.

I left the office without a word to anyone that might want my attention, put on my headphones, and smiled the whole way home. I let my hair down to float in the breeze as soon as I got off the train. I found the cheerful sway in my walk. I took off my shoes, went upstairs, stripped off my clothes, and turned Sheila on. It was a time to read, sing, and blog.

This afternoon, no one could find me ... and I found some peace ...

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November 01, 2005

Adventures in Blogging

I'm a little slow at getting this post up but don't take that to mean I didn't have a kick ass time... you'll soon see what caused the delay...

Seeing the Straight White Guy and the Straight White Wife again was a sweet pleasure that gets better every time. Their home was just beautiful, the deck that almost killed Eric was home to many a sorted conversation, and the patio that caused him to (gasp) glisten was the perfect place to enjoy the crisp fall air.

All the other bloggers I met were a new and, um, interesting experience

Army Wife Toddler Mom was already in town when my flight landed. I could tell right off that this chicky was going to be good times. She's the funniest lady ever! But I think she might have sat in something ... did I hear someone say she had puddin on her ass? Oh, and those adjoining rooms we had were mighty nice too ;o) She might just be my newest bestest friend and of course my favorite partner in crime (mostly because she snorts...hehehe)

I almost needed a new pair of panties when I met Mr. Rockstar, the Blackfive, in the flesh. I'd been reading him long before any other blogger so it was a real treat to finally be in the same room swapping stories. Though ... I was a little surprised to see the paratrooper of love putting on women's shoes...

Jim and Denny treated us to some guitar and singing the likes of which I have never seen. By the way, don't ever listen to a man with his own guitar when he says he can't sing ... and who knew a kazoo could be so entertaining?

That One Guy is the only guy I know who can be cool while there is blood pouring from his nose. The stories he could tell over a beer, I'm sure ... he's the only dude that can make me actually want to visit the midwest, just so I can keep listening to his stories.

Tammi was not only a terrific chick to hang with, she's a good cook too! You can't argue with a woman that wants to cook for this crowd, does it with a smile, and jumps right in to the festivities when she's through. Oh, and watching her run through the parking lot to hug AWTM one last time was just awesome.

What can I say about Zonker? He's simply the coolest tatted up, backwoods, mullet head I've ever met. And so popular with the ladies, this one is... We just can't get enough of his brand of humor.

Meeting RSM was so interesting but he's such a sneaky little fucker. I hung out with him all day on Saturday before I knew that I was talking to my very own blog brother. He's one of those quiet ones but he's hiding some great stories in there.

Boudicca & Morrigan were the cutest little fireballs to hang out with. And I've never seen a hotter woman with an AR-15 either. I just wish I had more time to talk with them. Next time, girlies?

Johnny-Oh ... he was such a sweetie to drive me to the airport on Sunday. This man had me laughing all weekend long and could deal with my yammering on end. Now THAT is a good conversationalist...

It was so awesome that Sissy came so far to hang out with us! I can't wait to hang with her somewhere closer to her turf sometime later this year. We ladies have some more military stories we simply must share.

Redneck was not just one damn funny guy, he was one of the most chivalrous men of the weekend, especially when I was cold... which was almost all of the time it seemed there for a while. Jokes and jackets, what more could a girl ask for?

Key (accompanied by her non-believer husband) stopped by for a spell and played pretty photographer all over the place. Hopefully she didn't catch us in too many of those compromising situations we bloggers like to find ourselves in.

Harvey was a total trip - ladies, did you know that there is a device that allows you to pee standing up without taking off your jeans? Well there is. Harv showed me... online of course...

TNT was one smart cookie that could snap you like a twig... good thing she's such a nice lady! A good patio partner too ... Ms. Bee Squisher, she is...

It was neat to meet John and Beth from the same town where my grandma lives. Funny how it’s just a small, small world sometimes. Unfortunately, I didn't get to talk with them much.

Brad and Jason, two members of the Eagle Glen Social Club, were also there to party with us on Friday and Saturday. Brad was just too damn funny for his own good. Thanks to Jason for letting us shoot at and/or kill balloons (depending on who was shooting) out on his property. It was a very cool experience to have the trucks backed up, tailgates down, music playing, and bullets flying on a warm fall day.

Last weekend was a much-needed escape and I am so glad that I was able to meet all of the awesome people that were there. It was a weekend of adventures in blogging ... a pilgrimage to all that keeps me blogging ... an all around good time!

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