November 20, 2005

On a Straight Tequila Night

Beaches, boots, dancing and shots... damn, it's good to be back in the southland...

I snapped some pics of the surfers today while I strolled on the sand.

Way authentic chinese food for lunch that rocked.

Finally got fitted for my boots - they are in the process of being ordered... Merry (early) x-mas to me!

A purple shirt and berry lips...

Lots of line dances, ass shaking to some bizzare hip hop, and I had no choice but to let my hair down and rock out to some 80s. (Someone lost my favorite hair clip though...)

And what night would be complete without my shots... open tab, tequila flowing... Mmm Mmm!

Coincidentally I ran into a guy I met last November when I was in town at the same bar. He came up and totally thought I wouldn't remember him but I did. He's a little sweetheart of a stud muffin. Too bad he bailed without saying goodbye...

But for now, in the words of Little Miss Teacher ... it's mimi time!

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