November 25, 2005


I wanted to make things nice for big sis when she got back. You know, holidays are coming. So a few of my Lessons Learned today:

* First off, no one told me you couldn't save money by making your own bags of microwave popcorn with a few ziplocks and a big jar of Redenbacher. Guess I'll be headed to Wicks and Things for some more scented candles.

* Second, cats like catnip, not mistletoe. Keep that in mind when putting on their festive collars. Guess I'll be headed to CVS for some more Bactine.

* Third, do NOT heat champagne in the bottle before adding it to your spiced cider. Next stop, Pearl Vision for some new contacts and maybe a little ointment. Can someone give me a ride?

At least I have a week or so to get all this cleaned up. The most decorating I do in my cabin is a string of lights along the crossbeams in the living room and a few more pictures of my friends on display. I'm a man, that's what you get. Besides, the hell of Black Friday tends to get to me. I really want things to be special for Cat when she gets home, she's so far away from her family out here.

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I will give you a ride, but please no more "moulage"....and those shoes have to go....I can't stand driving someone who is "prettier" than me round town...

Posted by: armywifetoddlermom at November 25, 2005 09:52 PM