November 19, 2005


(guest blogger)
Such a good day. Zonker visited and we were able to talk for many hours. We even enticed Eric to the phone and into the conversation at one point. We certainly couldn't have talked with him in person. I bet he smells pretty bad today. It's amazing how the world of seeking online approval by strangers (a.k.a. "blogging") has led to real people who are smart, interesting and caring. Zonker, get out of the city. You are far too much of a gentleman to have to endure such louts.

Now I am waiting for the next return phone call from the one for whom I set aside this night. Voicemail tag is no fun. Reading, however, is.

Of all the things that Zonker noted about my home, I think it was the library that did it for him. Then I realized, I have disarray. Philosophy and drama are mixed up together on the same shelf. I really need a good librarian to come in here and whip this place (and me) into shape. I think I know JUST the person...

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