April 28, 2006

Good Night Fran O'Brien's

I just finished watching the local news story on Fran O'Brien's and I'm nothing short of sad.

First, what good does it do for the local news to run the story once it is too late? I'm quite sure the local media was made aware of the battle before tonight, yet still they remained silent. They had plenty of opportunity to enlighten the local people otherwise unaware of the military circles ... you know, those people that live here and would have had the opportunity to show up at Fran's every Friday night to show their support, should they so choosen ... if only they had known ... but the media did not do this; just tell me why.

Second, why did the media let Hilton tell their side of the story (the accusation that rent & utilities have not been paid for four months without justification) but only aired a tiny blurb from Hal? The only thing the public saw from the Fran O'Brien's side was Hal saying, "Not only have they said no, but they said heck no - get out by Monday." I don't think anyone in their right mind will defend that as balanced news coverage.

But I am only saying good night to Fran O'Brien's and their tradition of support for wounded veterans tonight. I will not say good bye ... I have faith that Fran's will come back and the tradition will continue. It is only a matter of time.

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Who's The Moron That Paid For This Study?

Science Says Guys With Sex on the Brain Do Stupid Things

Uh... DUH!

The researchers are conducting experiments to find a similar effect in women, but have yet to find a visual stimulus that mars their ability to make good decisions.

Just face is guys ... we women are more advanced creatures, in every way ...

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April 27, 2006

Spanish National Anthem

A Spanish-version of the U.S. National Anthem? No.

No. NO. NO!

Speak spanish in your house, to your kids, with your friends, with your community, at your church, in your restaurant...

But get your language off my anthem!

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Famous Last Words

Who else isn't surprised?

Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"I dunno, press the button and find out."

What Will Your Famous Last Words Be?

Shamelessly stolen from That 1 Guy

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April 26, 2006

Hilton Corp

I finally figured out what really bothers me so much about this whole Hilton/Fran O'Brien's thing. Sure, it irks me that Hilton Corp is coming off like lefty wingnuts that don't support the troops/war, but in the end ... that is their right by everything our nation stands for.

What bothers me the most is that they have made the private support of a group of people into something political. Whether they be wounded military or a wounded farmer, the people that are eating at Fran's on Friday nights are still people at their core. They are having a dinner out as a step toward a normal life again. Does that really need to be brought into the public political debate?

Instead, shouldn't we be encouraging members of society to follow in the footsteps of Fran O'Brien's, to take care of each other? Shouldn't those legitimately in need be able to turn to their community for support, regardless of what label they fall under? Doesn't that make everyone better off (without creating a new tax burden)?

But my point is, if Fran's were the place that abused children went for dinner once a week, would they be closing? What if it were battered women? Or mentally handicapped? If it were left as simple, private, donated community service of any other kind, would the lease debacle still be happening?

Answer for yourself, but my money's riding on "NO!"

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Worn Down

I'm 25 days away from graduation and 5 days away from my final class meeting of my first tour in graduate school* ... and I'm having a tough time reaching the finish line. How pathetic is that? I'm just that worn down.

Coming off a night at Fran's and the Milblogging Conference, I'm doing a bit of wallowing, I suppose ... Feeling a little guilty for being so stressed over things that are so minor at the end of the day. Truthfully, I had a hard time remembering everything that was said at the conference simply because I had to fight so hard to not cry.

I sat there Saturday afternoon, trying not to let the tears show, ashamed for having been so petty and having felt so mired in drama over the past several months. I am young, I have a roof over my head, I have been given a multitude of great opportunities. My biggest concerns are finding a job and a relationship that I can be happy in. Really not such major things when you really stop to look at them.

I know that I will not starve as I try to find a job ... I have a safety net, even if it does come with a lot of drama. Somedays I would rather starve than depend on the net, but it is there nonetheless. And a job is there, I'm sure of it.

I know that "the one" will be revealed to me someday - that one day I will find my sanctuary where I can be safe from the mean, mean world. And I know all the nights I have cried myself to sleep were nothing more than me tolerating way too much of the wrong kind of treatment. I can't blame anyone but myself for that.

But I am so worn down that seeing the light at the end of the graduate school tunnel, the roof, the net, the path to "the one" takes more focus than I usually feel I can muster most mornings. And right now, I just feel like a horrible, selfish person for being so upset ...

*I say first tour in grad school because anyone that has talked to me for 5 minutes knows, I will more than likely pursue another degree by the time I hit 30.

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April 25, 2006

Norfolk & Oceana 2006

Several classmates and I piled into a van last Friday with the US Navy Commander currently assigned to a fellowship in our program and headed out to Norfolk. Unfortunately, it was a really small group and I was the only one who had made the trip last year as well. Disappointing, but not a surprise given the attitude around the halls ... but I digress ...

We left town at 0530 - JC that was an early day - and we arrived early because our driver did somewhere between 80 and 90 mph the whole way there.

Our day started on the USS San Jacinto with a greeting I have never received on any of my tours with the Navy ... a seated presentation in the wardroom by the XO himself and welcomes from a handful of other people. Demerits for the cookies and coffee they promised but that never actually showed up.

We continued with the PAO and got a longer, more complete tour than I could have imagined. On the USS Jacinto we were able to hear directly from the guys working in each section she took us to instead of just hearing her side of what they do. The guys were extremely proud of their ship, their individual positions within the team, and highly complimentary of one another in ways I haven't seen most any team be. My previous tours have been with somewhat insecure or lax PAOs that didn't really seem to like their job or that people were interrupting their day - this was miles above those previous experiences.

We finished up a little early and headed over to NAS Oceana for the second portion of our day, with our first stop at the Officer's Club for lunch and some much needed coffee. Truthfully though, I really could have done without the auto-dog explanation over dessert.

After lunch we killed some time poking around the different aircraft they have out on display in a little park area while we waited for our next tour guide. We shared a few callsign stories ... and shock of shocks ... no one was surprised by the one I recently received while working for an Air Force Colonel.

The greatest learning experience of the day came from the F-18 simulator. I took several rockin trips through the skies with the "aircraft" handled almost entirely by me (or sometimes the pilot helping us out), from take-off to landing crash. In fact, I don't think any of us managed to make a successful landing. One guy got close when he bounced the plane off the ground and then crashed ... but the Commander and the pilot giving us the tour were the only ones to make successful landings - and a couple carrier landings to boot! But then again, we were all a little "airsick" from standing inside the simulator and watching other people fly...sounds like a good excuse, right?

We finally got back to town in what felt like a downpour and I hustled my butt over to Fran's to join the party that had started over an hour before. I'm sure you will all now forgive my tired and unkempt appearance...

Note to the military: Ignore my excuses above - Plan to invest heavily in my flight training or keep me far, far away from the cockpit of any and all aircraft. I've already dumped three virtual F-18s in the drink and scattered a few more in tiny bits across the landscape. I think that's enough to prove I need a little more practice...


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April 24, 2006

Carlos Mencia Totally Stole My Shirt!!!

I saw him wearing on the re-run Comedy Central ran tonight ... Fucker!

That's my favorite shirt too!!

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Milblogging Conference 2006

A big thanks to Andi for her countless hours putting together the Milblogging Conference 2006, to all those who helped her along the way, the VFW, and Military.com for their contributions. It was an honor to be in the company of so many people with the drive, determination, dedication, and spirit to serve in and support the military so lovingly and tenaciously.

I was very impressed with the dialog between panelists and the attendees. A lot of really important issues came out and we were all able to feel the common ground, despite all our social, geographic, and economic divides. I personally really took away the feeling that when bloggers band together, they can achieve amazing things.

I was also pleasantly surprised by my conversation with the representative from CENTCOM I was able to speak with over lunch. His outlook on blogging and the projects he is planning to get underway were exactly in line with what I think bloggers around the world have been looking for. Good news for all, I say.

But we were there to have a little fun too...

Friday at Fran O'brien's was a kickin good time. I had the chance to meet up with Blackfive, Buckethead, ArmyWife, Chuck & Carren from From My Position, and the Donovans again and meet a whole score of new people who's names flew out of my head (I accept no personal responsibility for that ... it was all the vodka's fault). By the end of the night I was introduced to who someone told me was Hal ... so I hope it was the real one. But overall, I'm glad that we could all get together and toast to what Fran's has done for the troops.

Meeting Smash & his wife was a bittersweet moment ... but only because I wanted to steal their plane tickets home or stow away in their luggage to get back to San Diego again. I almost missed getting to chat with him both nights but Contact Right was cracking me up the whole time he was around. I ran into Steve from ThreatsWatch at the bar (btw, a very interesting and chill dude to hang with) and felt a little like a dork when he reminded me we had exchanged several emails a year or so ago ... oops ... looks like I should be paying more attention to who is moving where and under what name from now on.

Lunch on Saturday was a lively conversation between AWTM, Fuzzibear Lioness, Sgt B, Soldiers Angels - New York, a couple readers that haven't ventured into the world of blogging yet, a small radio media guy, and the aforementioned CENTCOM representative. And over at the coffee table (a very important table the night after a blog-fest of any kind), I ran into another local blogger - VMIJPP from Rule 308.

The Pub Crawl Saturday night was unfortunately less of a crawl and more of a "stand-around-and-drink," but like Murdoc said ... a little rain couldn't ruin our festive mood. I did notice the rain managed to keep Capt B, Taco, and crew from showing up, but I think that was just their excuse to keep from losing the drinking contest. They say it was a safety issue ... excuses, excuses ...

But the "stand-around-and-drink" did give me a chance to hang with Uncle Jimbo & his sidekick K, HomefrontSix, Mike M from The War Tapes, Euphoric Reality, Doug from Military.com (a guy with awesome bad work stories from his former job), Instapinch, and Murdoc, in conjuction with the crew I already knew or met. It was such a good group of people.

Somewhere along the way I think I got to chat with Some Soldier's Mom, Soldiers Angel-Germany, Holly Aho, the guys from Op-for, and a lot more people but unfortunately my brain can only remember so many names. I remember faces much better ... and we all know bloggers are camera shy ... so I'm kinda screwed. SORRY!

If I met you but spaced your name please send me an email or link and I'll correct my mistake.

For those still in jail ... I guess Sgt Hook will have to keep us updated on your fight against the man ...

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April 20, 2006

On Life #4

I think #4 is about what Sheila's up to now ... but she's back and almost as good as new. Turns out that there were some major congenital defects that finally caught up with her. But no components were fried and no data was lost ... whew!

The trip to KS was difficult, but no time to handle it now ...

I'm off to play with the Navy tomorrow, and this weekend is the big milblogging conference all the cool kids will be at ...

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April 16, 2006

Technical Difficulties

ALERT: A Swift Kick is currently experiencing major technical difficulties.

1. Sheila has managed to finally fry herself beyond my comprehension. I have had to admit defeat and she will go in for testing tomorrow. Once I find out what has gone wrong, I will likely be able to fix her. So ... we wait ...

2. I am flying out to KS again. I will find myself in a court room Tuesday morning with the person that hit & killed my grandmother. With all the talk of a plea bargain already, I find myself in need of a court room experience with this person. If for no other reason that to see for myself who he is and that he faced a court at least once. In the end, I think it will help the situation rest easier in my mind once it is over ... but the hardest part will be meeting this person after sleeping in my grandmother's house again without her and on the two month anniversary of the day that he killed her. It is still so fresh ...

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April 14, 2006

A Slave No More

Today, at 18:00, I left my place of work - seemingly for good.

I am a slave no more.

If I return to the dreary halls, it shall be with a salary and benefits.

and in 37 days, I shall be free...

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April 13, 2006


That is, Retraction & Apology ...

I got an e-mail this morning from the girl I labeled "Ms. Bed Bunny" in yesterday's post. Who knew she was actually a reader? In her e-mail she let me know that she had never showered at my house but was both incredibly and rediculously cool about the whole situation.

I have e-mailed her an apology for the misdirected rant but I'd also like to publicly apologize and retract my statements.

Looks like its crow for dinner tonight ... Mmm Mmm

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April 12, 2006

Ms. Bed Bunny

To my roommate's bed buddy:

Did I miss something, or did you start paying part of the utilities?

Ordinarily I wouldn't really care so much, especially since you being at my house all the time seems to keep my roommate from pestering me about things. You know, he really can be annoying about his festidious habits and expecting others to follow suit. And what's the deal with you two anyway? Are you back together? Are you friends with benefits? Have you become so annoying that his lack of personality is the only way anyone hangs out with you? Or do you just give really good head and that's why he puts up with you?

But anyhow, you used up all the hot water again this morning and I had to go to work without washing my hair. And I'm just a little miffed about it. What the hell are you doing in there every morning? You're in the shower at least as long as I am on a slow day and I have twice the hair to wash that you do. I mean, seriously, if you want to bang yourself in the shower - can you do it at your own place? There's no reason to punish me because the boy you chose to jump in bed with can't get the job done. (Trust me here readers, he either got a new bed or he ain't getting the job done ... and I haven't noticed a new bed come in the house recently...)

So back to the utilities thing ... the company is really stickin it to me with a saguaro over here. I can deal with taking cold showers, we've all had to do it. But having to pay the rediculous utility bills and then not even get hot water out of the deal is just too much for me to handle.

In summary, keep your chi chis out of my hot water or fork over the dough, Missy.

<3 Princess Cat

P.S. Cute purse!

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April 10, 2006

Dear Immigration Protestors

Dear Immigration Protestors,

Thank you for bringing to our nation's capital your message. You have enlightened me and shown me a truth that I was before unaware of. I now see the real plight of immigrants.

Without your casual stroll enmasse across the National Mall during evening rush hour, I would never have known how many immigrants can afford to take a day off of work instead of having to slave away for their families. It must be so difficult having that kind of flexibility in your budget.

I am confused though. I read all of your signs that said "We Are America" and I listened to all the talk of how America depends on the work that you do. Yet, none of you showed up to work today and neither did your counterparts all over the rest of the country ... and America continued forward. Hmmm.

But what I am really thankful for is the honest expression of entitlement that has finally come out full force. It is terrific that you can stand there and demand the rights afforded to U.S. citizens, despite having broken the rule of law many times over, but after all ... that free speech is what America is founded on. I'm glad you could find such a selfish use for it. And all the space you are apparently entitled to in the streets and on the metro, I had no idea!

So, immigration protestors, congratulations. You achieved your goal of getting noticed. Your message that you cannot be ignored was received loud and clear. And thus, I will not ignore your cries. I will respond to the struggle you claim to fight with...

In fact, I will do everything in my power to ensure that your struggle continues and your battle becomes a steeper fight.

You see, I noticed you and your clan... and now I hate you ... because it took me an hour and a half to get home today. I watched as train after train, car after car of smug, arrogant, antagonistic protestors waved and taunted those waiting on the platform. You purposely targeted and inconvenienced me during my evening commute, because you thought it would make me contact my Congressman or Senator on your behalf? Isn't there some story about flies and honey that you should be learning right about now?

And while you're at it, go ask Apu why la migra isn't trying to nail his ass to the wall and maybe then you'll learn why he didn't have to protest for his rights.

The Bitch from the Metro

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April 06, 2006

Tartan Day 2006

"Every line of strength in American history
is a line colored with Scottish blood."
-- Woodrow Wilson

Happy Tartan Day 2006
Hunting Tartan.gif

A Scots boy came home from school and told his mother he had been given a part in the school play.
"Wonderful," says the mother, "What part is it?"
The boy says "I play the part of the Scottish husband!"
The mother scowls and says: "Go back and tell your teacher you want a speaking part."

Go see what some other Scots have to say today ...

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April 05, 2006


Just how is it possible that I continue to wake up more tired than when I went to sleep, yet don't remember ever waking up?*

I don't know ... but it sure is one hell of a pain in the ass

*No, its not sleep apnea...

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April 04, 2006


Today marks my very first MuNu-versary.

When Blog-pop Eric invited me over (or rather gave into my pleading to move into a more legitimate format than blogsnot) I never thought I'd make it to one year. Now I can't imagine being anywhere but MuNu, and I'm proud to be part of all the wonderful bloggers that keep being brought on.

Thanks to all the readers that put me over the 21,000 mark this year ... I look forward to another great year laughing and ranting, and sharing all the cool things I think the world needs to know about.

Oh, and here's to another great year of finding other bloggers to drink with (both local and visiting).


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April 03, 2006

Get With The Times, Man!

Apparently Blackfive is running out of his own content these days since he's stealing mine from September of last year ... (Just kidding, Mr. five, sir)

But go check out the video to he has up ... The song ROCKS!

Check out TheRightBrothers.com for ways to download and order their CDs and other merchandise.

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Chicken, sans Head

That's me these days ... running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Dad's been in town since Friday so I've been trying to spend a little bit of time with him...

Been trying to look at options for moving some time over the summer...

Saw the cherry blossoms again before the rain takes them away...

Met up with a cousin I haven't seen since he graduated from college, at least 20 years ago...

Pushing for an employment position where I'm interning (and not having much luck)...

Debating the future of my career, or lack there of ...

And that was just the last 4 days. Lord help me to survive this week.

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