September 30, 2005

High School Football

Oddly enough, high school football is how I spent my Friday night. It was definitely a trip. To be back in the high school environment...and on a night that used to mean so much...

I started to miss what Friday nights in the fall used to mean to me. After school, without going home, I went to game after game after game. I was the only skilled trainer willing to oversee the freshman and junior varsity games. When it came time for the Varsity to play, every one that could convince the coach that they were a meaningful part of the training staff and not a glorified water girl and get on the field showed up. We became part of the team, travelled when they did, cheered when they did, celebrated with they did, and hurt when they did.

I also discovered, based only on this single sample experience as evidence, that high schools on the East coast are not like high schools on the West coast... ...There were no names on the back of the jerseys like there had been when I was on the field...
...There were no sideline jackets used to keep players warm and their muscles ready like there had been before...
...The trainers didn't interact with the team like we had done in my time...

It was all just a little bit surreal somehow

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Two years ago, I found myself trapped at a hotel, surrounded by a wildfire that ultimately burned major portions of San Diego county and took countless homes. Today, just north of Los Angeles, my family is in danger of facing an eerily similar situation.

A neighborhood near my mom has already been evacuated - mom went to work with everything she wanted to save packed in her van. The only thing she left behind was the cat, whom the neighbors promised to rescue if they were evacuated too.

If the fire turns toward Malibu, my dad's house is likely to be in the direct path. The fire department made the area clear the more brush away from the houses than in past years, but I don't know if that is going to be good enough. He stayed home from work today in case evacuation was necessary; step-mom is still recovering from surgery and preparing for her chemo so she's in no shape to gather up the lives of four people. Dad said that just looking outside his house the sky is dark with smoke. As much as he wished it was just a grand midwestern thunderstorm, it is definitely signs of something much worse.

My brother's place is probably most likely to be the safest of all three right now, but who knows with fire. It has a life of its own and doesn't like to answer to anyone.

I'd like to ask that you please keep my family and the families of all those who stand the chance to lose their homes to this fire in your thoughts as they pray they are among the lucky.

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September 29, 2005

The Right Brothers

Remember that catchy little tune I told you about? The one that The Right Brothers did at the rally to support military families last weekend... You know, "Bush Was Right!" Well they've put up a 50 second preview of the song, published their lyrics, put the single on pre-sale for October, and will release a $0.99 MP3 version available on their website Oct 4.

Go hear the jingle for yourself ... at the very least you have to giggle at the antagonistic tone ... na na nana na na ... Oh, and I never said it was musical genius, just fun...

If you're too lazy to go join in my fun, at least read the lyrics below the fold...

Freedom in Afghanistan, say goodbye Taliban
Free elections in Iraq, Saddam Hussein locked up
Osama’s staying underground, Al Qaida now is finding out
America won’t turn and run once the fighting has begun
Libya turns over nukes, Lebanese want freedom, too
Syria is forced to leave, don’t you know that all this means

Bush was right!
Bush was right!
Bush was right!

Democracy is on the way, hitting like a tidal wave
All over the middle east, dictators walk with shaky knees
Don’t know what they’re gonna do, their worst nightmare is coming true
They fear the domino effect, they’re all wondering who’s next

Repeat Chorus

Ted Kennedy – wrong!
Cindy Sheehan – wrong!
France – wrong!
Zell Miller – right!

Economy is on the rise kicking into overdrive
Angry liberals can't believe it's cause of W's policies
Unemployment's staying down, Democrats are wondering how
Revenue is going up, can you say "Tax Cuts"

Repeat Chorus

Cheney was right, Condi was right, Rummy was right, Blair was right
You were right, we were right, “The Right” was right and Bush was right
Bush was right!
Bush was right!

© 2005 Pool Guy Music (ASCAP), All rights reserved

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September 28, 2005

WTF Wednesdays

Did I say I hated this instructor? What I meant to say was, I really hate this instructor.

I spent the week preparing for my presentation tonight and the dude just walked all over it. 30 minutes into my discussion of the main article he interjects that we need to move on. Ok, so my partner and I move on. Only he's not happy with that. He wants us to go back to the theoretical type discussion we were having previously. Well if you had let me finish my presentation the way I wanted to we would have been able to address all the topics you were so frustratedly trying to add. I mean, my God... if you wanted us to present specific concepts from these readings then why the hell didn't you just do the presentation yourself? The best part was how he lost his composure trying to direct the discussion that the entire class refused to sign on to.

Oh, and that giggling you see us doing during class? Yeah, we're all looking at each other and laughing at you ...

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You Mean, That's Not Supposed to Happen?




IF THE D J PUTS BON JOVI ON (oh yeah...)






-sung by Joe Nichols

And here I always thought that was what tequila was meant to do...
Guess I was doing it all wrong all those college nights I spent shooting tequila at my favorite bar. But hot damn those were some great Wednesday nights...

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Tantalizing Tuesdays...a little late...

Each Tuesday I look forward to going to class - it is the class I have outside my regular department. If all my courses were like this one, I would be getting a PhD.

This week I was highly rewarded for my attendance... he kept my attention for the full meeting, educated me, and entertained me. I'd say I love this man, but I can love only one at a time and right now that place is reserved for an instructor I had last fall. Mmmm... easy on the eyes, decidely Republican, confident, and oh so connected... We really could have had something ... that wife and those kids were a bit of a problem though... But I'm daydreaming...

Back to Tantalizing Tuesday... the annoyingly argumentative leftist in the class decided to pipe up a few times today and just would not let go of his ill-formed concept with very little relevance to the big picture at hand... The instructor finally had enough of his badgering and shut him down by retorting, "Well, that's certainly one viewpoint" and moving on. I damn near shot my iced latte out my nose it was so funny.

Tuesdays are the new highlight of my week.

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September 27, 2005

NFL: wk3

23-20, NE - Damn... guess it had to happen sometime though. Better luck next week, Steelers

20-23, PHI - BOOYAH! Damn I do love when the Raiders lose...

23-45, SD - Happy Dance...Happy Dance...Happy Dance... Everybody happy dance with me!

10-30, DEN - Aw MAN...

The 'Skins were off this another week without comment on their performance. Eh, I'll live... I'm sure you will too.

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September 26, 2005

There's Combat Everywhere

In case you didn't know, it looks like G.W. has gotten our country into another war...and YOU are on the front lines!

Well, at least that's what this man wants you to think...

and of course, where would my lovely graduate institution be if they didn't support overblown, exaggerated language used to garner attention? That's right, we're hosting a 'free exchange of ideas' on campus tomorrow night titled "The Republican War on Science"...unfortunately, that man will also be there. Here's the excerpt from the back of his book that they posted to promote the event:

"The Republican War on Science" is Christopher Mooney's assessment of our current government's politicization of scientific findings. In his presentation, Mooney will tie together the disparate strands of what he sees as an attack on science into a compelling account of our government's increasing unwillingness to distinguish between legitimate research and ideologically driven pseudoscience."

Now come on people... do you seriously expect me to believe that today's science policies got to where they are based on the single handed actions of G.W.? There is only so much evolution that can take place during one man's time in office so if you're upset you can't say he got to where things are all by himself. Take a look at decades past before you start pointing fingers.

And this issue of 'war'... Was that word really necessary? Do you really want to accuse the President of the United States of actively seeking the destruction of science policy? I hardly think so. The man has a country to run and he may have different priorities than you'd like, but that doesn't mean he's going out of his way to plan the destruction of your pet projects. There's only so much money and every year a lot of people work to try to figure out where it goes. That's the long and the short of way around it...just deal.

Now get off your high horse and take a long look at reality before you open your mouth again.

Yes, I'm having a bit of an angry period... just bear with me...

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After all the phone calls, confusing e-mails, and disorganization...

I have finally landed my Fall internship. I start exactly one week from today.

I'm not as excited about this one as I am about the one I announced a few months ago that starts in the Spring semester, but it is going to look good on my resume just the same.

Unfortunately I am still a little bit in the dark on the whole thing. I know what the Department does, and I know what this section of it does, but I have no idea what the office I now work for does. God forbid these people provide any information... From the sounds of it, it isn't exactly my field. Not that I expect to be in over my head, just less interested than I would have liked. Oh well, I'll just keep reminding myself ... foot in the door...foot in the door...

Too bad I decided to go to school full time on the assumption that I hadn't gotten it... this should be fun...

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September 25, 2005

Military Rally

I'm not usually one to get involved in protests or rallies since they have the potential to get a little ugly but this weekend, I just couldn't be that selfish anymore. Cindy was in town and her lemmings were doing a lot of screaming so I felt obligated to do my part and show up to this:


I heard a lot of great speakers and saw a lot of support shown. The greatest quote was, "from the lowest Private to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, we kick ass and take names if we have to." The most moving were the Iraqi citizens that spoke of how grateful they were for America's sacrifice and how much better they see their country getting on a daily basis. The most touching were the gold star family members that talked about their loved ones and how much they believed in the mission that cost them the very life they were willing to lay down for such meaningful causes. One woman read a poem she wrote to describe her young son's viewpoint, what it was like to have lost his dad... She said he didn't understand what gone really means since he has spent several multi-month stints without his father but that since the funeral and her pointing at the flag there, he sees an American flag and identifies it with his daddy. I couldn't help but cry as she read it and held him, all the while he was trying to interject about his missing daddy.

But of course, the Cindy followers took up a post across the street and started chanting against us once they realized we were there. There were a couple of incidents where opposing people came in to cause problems but no one was hurt and they were dealt with in a generally peaceful manner. I was not shocked but still disgusted that people would disrupt something like that when they have their own forum to rant without invading ours.

One of the most amusing moments though was the closing song by The Right Brothers. They did a song written especially for the rally called "Bush Was Right." I don't have the lyrics but it had an awesome na-na-nana-na tune to it. You can guess the chorus...

After having to put up with over a year's worth of 'friends,' roommates, classmates, and professors that spew off their half cocked bullshit against the war, the mission, the troops, and the President on many different just about damn near made my whole freakin month.

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September 23, 2005

How I Spent My Friday

Shower, get dressed, have a bite, talk to Dad, check availability of books at the library, leave for library, talk to friend on the way to the library, get to library, book is checked out, I lose it.

That's right...In the 25 blanking-blankity-blank minutes that it took me to get to campus after checking to see that the book being held on reserve is available, someone else borrowed it. GREAT.

So I call my partner in the project and it's not him. SUPER!
So I sit outside the library, try to study. It's not working, I'm too pissed.
So I go back inside to see if they have some kind of waiting list. Oh, gosh, no... Of course not! That'd make too much fucking sense when the book is being held for the semester, not allowed to leave the library, and given out for only 2 hrs at a time.
So I go back to a computer and start reading the news. Partner calls & I go outside. The next 25-30 minutes are spent bitching about how ridiculously incompetent the professor is and how the program is just absolutely FUBAR'd. I felt a little better after that but for some reason there weren't any people around me anymore once I was done...

I finally got my hands on the damn book 2 hrs later, spent less than 10 minutes photocopying the pages I needed, gave it back to the library people, and promptly left. The train was semi-crowded on the way home too so that didn't really help my mood.

After I got home I ended up scanning my copy and e-mailing it to the entire class just to prove a point.

Told you I'd be royally pissed if this happened...

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New Panties, Sir?

Remember the guy that owes me money from when I bailed him out and my dad had the car fixed that he wrecked? I'm guessing he's needing some new panties right about now.

Dad was in NY on business and paid this guy a little surprise visit. I bet someone from Cali wasn't who he expected to walk into his office that day - and I bet he sure as hell didn't think it would ever be my dad.

From what I hear the guy just started stammering. With two other people in the office Dad asked him to step outside. They spoke briefly on the front sidewalk where Dad was nice and tried to project a sense of understanding. I don't care what was actually said, his coworkers had to know something was up and that it wasn't good. Who knows how he explained it away to them.

What I know for sure is that this guy knows he can't hide anymore and that we are willing to seek him out at random. Hopefully that is enough pressure to get things moving again. If not, I'm sure there are several other people that would love to get involved. It'll take him a while to get the stain out of his panties after that shit session, I'm sure. Better go buy a couple extra pair, son.

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I just spent nearly the last 2 hrs trying to get a poor girl home from the airport. She's a friend of a friend and she had no one else to call. I couldn't do anything more than look up prices for a taxi or a shuttle and repeatedly call her ride. I felt horrible that I couldn't hop in a car and go pick her up myself.

Before she left CA she called to remind him to pick her up. At 10:30p he set off for a nap before picking her up. Too bad he never woke up. Not even after an hour and a half of repetitive phone calls, texts, and voicemails...

There is was 11:15p when her plane landed. Single girl. Late night. She'd just flown from LAX to DC after having a car accident. Her injured neck was stiff and killing her from the flight. And she'd never flown into this airport without having a ride pick her up.

By 12:45 she gave up, asked me to call and leave a message that she wasn't waiting any longer, and took a shuttle home. Unfortunately her trip home will be about another hour as she does not live close to the airport.

Neck injury + 5 hr flight + 1.5 hr wait + 1 hr shuttle = DOGHOUSE

Good thing these two aren't dating or that would be one massive fight. Bet you she won't be asking him for any favors any time soon...

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September 22, 2005

WTF Wednesdays Man

The professor from WTF Wednesdays...


whew, I feel better now...

Seriously though, wtf is this put a book on reserve for the whole class and not have it in the bookstore bullshit? Do you seriously think I want to sit my ass in the library and read this book? No, first because I don't even want to read it at all. It is an inappropriate choice for graduate level study and useless in furthering our knowledge or our discussions. The only reason I'm going to read it is the 'discussion' I am supposed to lead next week, for which you assigned a lame-ass chapter by a commie blowhard that can't write a rational thought to save his life.
And what do you think I'm going to do when I spend the time to drag my ass all the way to the creepy life sucking center that is the library and someone else has decided to read it in the time between I checked its availability and got to the library? Yeah, that's right... I'm going to be royally pissed that I have to spend the next two hours waiting around campus for this crap-tastic bit of reading.
Oh, and those excuses you throw out about being too busy to make the readings available electronically and too busy to finish grading our papers? BULL.SHIT. 40 papers, 2-pgs each, double spaced. Not done 3.weeks.later? WTF.IS.YOUR.PROBLEM? 'I have too many students' 'I don't have a TA yet' 'They are all so different I'm having a hard time comparing them to one another' Uhm, NO. I've graded papers before response exams for 600 students...IN A SINGLE WEEK.

Like I said before... I feel better now...

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Dear Shoe Fairy

I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I'm absolutely dying for a pair of cowboy boots... and I'm prepared to pout every.single. minute until I get them!

What is stopping me? My giant clod hoppers and my stingy wallet...

Finding a pair that fit is going to be hard enough. Then there's finding a decent pair that don't cost more than the legs they go on...

Go ahead and try me, you glorious, elusive boots...I'm prepared to wait this out with every ounce of my well honed pouting skill.

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September 21, 2005

Careless Reporting

Opinions about journalistic bias and responsibility aside...Is anyone else tweaked by new sources with glaring typos that could have been corrected with some simple proofreading?

Fox News has up a headline right now where Israel is missing its 'i'
Last week there was a story where the word 'on' had been an 'e'

Maybe I've just got my ass puckered too tight but damn it irks me some days

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Well Fuck Me Sideways...

I cook - the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right?

I clean - mustn’t let a suitor see the sty til he's signed the dotted line...

I even entertain - happy friends & family a more pleasant toy makes...

I scamper upstairs and...he wants to check his e-mail?!?

Needless to say, he was escorted to the door, my bed remains empty, and I am unfortunately, rather bitter. Not to mention wholly unsatisfied...

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September 20, 2005

Tantalizing Tuesdays

I meant to actually post something today but I slept in (to the wonderful hour of nearly 11am), went shopping for school stuff, stopped by the grocery store, and I've been stuck in the kitchen hacking up a chicken ever since.

I've got the fun class tonight and I'm taking someone with me to listen in because I think the professor is so kick ass. I'll be sure to report anything cool he says this week. Last week's winner was, "If you can successfully go underground for two years, you don't have to do the project." But if you get found out...I think you fail...

Btw - taking a whole chicken and hacking it into pieces isn't exactly easy the first couple of times you try doing it... but whacking through its bones with a cleaver is amazingly fun...

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September 19, 2005

Mish-Mash Mondays

Last week I was damn near asleep only half way through Monday's class and I was kept awake solely by the growing migraine caused by ... blink.blink.blink.blink ... of the fluorescent light at the front of the room that was flashing more than 60 times a minute, accompanied by the wonderful sound of ... buzzow.buzzow.buzzow.buzzow ... of each and every flash.

This week I faced a nearly identical situation. Before I had been sitting in the classroom for even an hour I was already obsessively checking my phone to see what time it was.

The light was strobing away, flashing like a drunken 18 year old on her first spring migraine was again gaining irritating strength...and the professor had yet to make a single argument despite all his talking...

...I got grumpy...

I respect the guy - not only is he an incredibly smart guy (who just happens to talk through his nose and have hair rivaled only by The Donald), but one that can talk politics (as is the nature of the program we're in) AND leave his personal leanings at the door. I just wish he could do more than throw out bits & pieces of information that could form an argument if assembled correctly.

Maybe then I could stay focused...

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Joys of Receiving

Having worked in the receiving department of a retail establishment I found this comic to be pretty damn funny...

Luckily all our delivery guys were pretty cool ... it was only the subs that did stupid stuff

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NLF: wk 2

27-7, PIT - I didn't get to watch this game but I imagine that the majority of it was somewhat boring since it was 20-0 at the half.

17-20 - Depressing but not surprising... My only upset was that the game was not televised and I actually had the time to sit and watch it this weekend. Figures...

23-17 - This was awesome for two reasons: (1) KC is starting out pretty well, (2) As a Chargers fan, I simply must hate the Raiders ... so I love to see OAK at 0-2 right now.

They play tonight and quite frankly I only care because WAS is the 'home team.' But I'm not from here...and I hate living I only half way care... and its only out of some odd sense of obligation that I do. Screw it... I'll catch them in next week's NFL update.

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September 18, 2005

Rough Times

Ladies and Gentlemen, we appear to be experiencing a little turbulance at the moment. The Captain has turned on the seatbelt sign so please return to your seat and secure your seatbelt low and tight across your lap. The Captain will turn off the seatbelt sign when it is again safe to move about the cabin.

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September 16, 2005

Hi, I'm An Addict

I was inspired by this post over at The Cheese Stands Alone and feel it is ok now... no, I feel I have an obligation now to admit one of my deep, dark, horrible secrets...

Hi, I'm Princess Cat and I am a reality TV addict.

Not the Survivor kind or the Fear Factor kind... the Real World, The Apprentice, the Punk'd, and the Hell's Kitchen kind...

And my newest addiction is A&E's Inked.

It is a reality series that follows the shenanigans of a high end, Las Vegas based tattoo shop (started by Hart of motocross fame) and its employees that just keeps me fucking entertained. The smile does not leave my face for a full 30 minutes (minus commercials cuz those blow) Why? Soothes the inner goof, I suppose...

Give it a try - Wed, 9p EST/PST or hit me up and I'll email you an episode.

Yes, I said I could e-mail an episode. I don't get home from class in time to watch it so I have my computer record it for me. I already told you I was an addict... what more do you want?

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Bye Bye Renee

Kenny and Renee are breaking up.

I told you that you shouldn't have married her, Kenny...

But NOOOO... don't listen to me...

Now she's calling you a fraud in public. Nice.

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September 15, 2005

Big Brother

Turns out I'm being watched. That's right, Mr. Op/Ed Professor has himself an evil, nasty, bottom feeding, scum sucking, bitch snitch keeping watch over those that dare speak out against him.

I received an email from Mr. Op/Ed Professor today protesting that he does in fact have the ability to be objective in the classroom. So did that make my experience to the contrary just a case of simple unwillingness? Since he so clearly states he has the ability...

I'll keep you updated - and if I suddenly don't graduate, I think we'll all know why...

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I Will Not Be Broken

There have been a lot of rough and dramatic patches over the last year of my life. In fact, I've come to be known as a drama magnet by my friends. Some days it gets to be too much and I just sit in the dark and cry. Some days I forget to cry and just sit there numb. But when it comes right down to it, I will not be broken. If you too are having a tough go of it and need the same reminder, Bonnie Raitt has it for you on her new CD released Tuesday.*

That was then and this is now
Found my way back here somehow.
Knew you’d have to let me go
I told you once, I told you so

take me down, you can hold me but you can't hold what's within
roll me 'round, push me to the limit
maybe I may bend
but I know where I'm not going
I will not be broken
I will not be broken
I will not be someone other than who I am
I will fight to make my stand

‘cause what is living if I can’t live free
what is freedom if I can’t be me

take me down, you can hold me but you can't hold what's within
roll me 'round push, me to the limit
maybe I may bend
but I know where I'm not going

I will not be broken
I will not be broken

I won’t let you near it
I will let my spirit fly

Oh take me down
take me down, you can hold me but you can't hold what's within
roll me 'round, push me to the limit
maybe I may bend
but we both know where I’m not going
I will not be broken
I will not be broken
I will not be broken

*Hear it on CMT's listening party (not firefox friendly)

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Master Chef

Through all of the bullshit I've waded through in my past relationships, I still have one thing I can thank the men I have dated for giving me - greater cooking skill. Each one had different tastes and I did my best to cook what they liked. One taught me to appreciate sushi so I worked to make it myself. Another was a freak for anything Italian but then again, most of them loved my lasagna. One of the recipes that always won points with an ex and friends alike was my fettucine with smoked salmon & dill. Go give it a try...

Fettucine with Smoked Salmon & Dill
• 1/4 c Butter
• 1 1/2 c 35% Real Whipping Cream
• 2 tbls Vodka, optional
• 8 oz Smoked salmon, diced
• 1/2 tsp Salt
• 1/2 ts Pepper
• 2 tbls Fresh dill, chopped
• 3/4 lb Fettuccini noodles
• 1/2 c Parmesan cheese, grated

Melt butter gently in a large deep skillet. Add cream. Bring to a boil. Add vodka. Reduce heat and cook on low 3-4 minutes until slightly thickened. Add smoked salmon, salt, pepper and dill. Remove from heat.
Cook fettuccine in a large pot of boiling salted water until tender. Drain noodles well.
Reheat sauce. Place drained noodles in the pan with the hot sauce. Toss gently over low heat until sauce coats noodles and is thick and creamy. Sprinkle with cheese if desired. Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary.

IMHO, don't leave out the vodka.
And be sure to check for bones in your salmon!

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September 14, 2005

WTF Wednesdays

After sitting through two class meetings I am ready to say that this semester, Wednesdays are going to SUCK...

As I dread going back for a third session tonight, let's take a moment to revisit last week's gathering:

**scene: 20 students seated in individual chairs with desk arms, chatting to their neighbors about various topics**

**enter instructor - think Dr. Nick from The Simpsons**

Instructor: Ok, everybody... lets put our chairs in a circle...


I couldn't help it, my reaction just spewed out...
'you've got to be kidding me... what, did I just fall back into pre-school or something?'

If he heard me, he didn't let it show. My classmates just laughed and rolled their eyes at how annoying the next two hours were bound to be.

The only thing that got me through the evening was the joy I found in my classmates all ganging up on the instructor for his irritating nonsense. You see, he spent an hour and a half discussing whether or not there was a transnational space. Not like outer space, not like a building, not like a country, but as an abstract concept. We grew bored of his blathering early on and tired of his metaphors that fell apart mid-sentence. The truth is, in order to have the course we have to take on faith that there is a transnational space. Without that assumption, there is no course. Therefore, Mr. Blah Blah Blah was wasting our time instead of dropping the discussion at the point we all agreed with each other and disagreed with him.

From now on, its Whiskey.Tango.Foxtrot Wednesdays...

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Surgery Update

I was supposed to be spending the week with Dad while he was in town on business but life seems to have gotten in the way. I did manage to get an update on step-mom from him last night though...

Following a scary call Monday night rushing them to the hospital first thing the next morning they got good news and bad news.

Good news: They believe they got the whole tumor in the surgery.

Bad news: They want her to go through six cycles of chemo.

Good news: She should be able to do her treatments on an outpatient basis instead of being hospitalized like a couple of years ago.

I guess that works out to more good than bad, but still not much fun...

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September 13, 2005

Thorn Revisited

The guys over at The New Editor have picked up the same op/ed I commented on last week (check it out here). Go check out their brief take on what the professor had to say.

I think it is important to make clear that I believe this professor is entitled to his opinions - freedom of speech and all that - but I argue that it is his position that requires greater discretion. While he is free to write articles expressing his beliefs outside the classroom, the problem lies in the fact that this man does not leave those expressions outside the classroom. That is not an estimation, that is personal experience talking.

At the risk of incurring his wrath or being struck by the force of his vengeance, I shall continue my rant...

Actions such as this article are inappropriate in a professional setting, especially one in which this gentleman is tasked with training the security/intel personnel of the future. His students, as practitioners, need the tools to build a better tomorrow, not a scathing vocabulary capable of hurting the opponent's feelings. It is his responsibility to equip them with the critical thinking skills necessary in order to deal with a crisis, before or after it occurs.

Moreover, threats to our security are blind to party lines and it is important for those working to ensure that security to be as blind to them as possible, as well.
In the end, regardless of their party membership, government personnel need to be able to respond to security threats of all types. By pushing politics instead of developing the skills necessary to do that this professor is robbing our country of a class of professionals more savvy than those that came before them. Whether he is on the left or the right, he should recognize that he is moving the current problem into the future instead of working to solve it. Moreover, by engaging in these tactics, he is simply working to ensure that genuinely bi-partisan government remains a pipe dream. His unwillingness or inability to teach in a non-partisan manner does nothing less than undermine critical aspects of America's future security.

What's more, it is unimportant which side of the aisle this article's author stands on when his op/ed was nothing more than an attack on individuals. It was not constructive toward the future he claims his party can provide or even a useful critique.

Katrina is tragic, without question, but he should be using it as an opportunity for people to learn how to do things better the next time. Partisanship and personal feelings are not part of that.

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Botox: The Anti-Drool

McGill University Health Centre in Canada is using Botox to treat excessive drooling in young children. I don't have children myself but I'm really not so comfortable with this...

I understand that some of these children are literally drowning in their own saliva but Botox? Aren't there some pretty significant risks to Botox users?

Check out the story and decide for yourself. Maybe I'm just one of those curmudgeons all averse to change and stuff...

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Nice Try

So Pakistan is offering a wall to be built along the border with Afghanistan because the administration is "fed up with accusations it allows Taliban fighters to cross into Afghanistan." The wall was formally proposed to Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice in a meeting Monday as a method for keeping terrorists and drug dealers from crossing into Pakistan at will. (Read the full story here).

Well, you know, that is all well and good President Musharraf but half-ass is still half-ass. Pakistan is going to be more a part of the terrorism problem than a solution so long as there are militant madrasas within its borders. Stomp your feet, stick out your lower lip, whine and cry, dance around it all you like, thems the facts. And they ain't goin away... no matter how many fences you build.

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September 12, 2005


Mr Torres, the man who sat by his wife's side each and every day of the three months she was in a coma, only to lose her when life support was removed following the premature delivery of their daughter, has now lost his young daughter as well.

AP has published a story carried by most major networks.

I can't even imagine the pain this man has gone through. To watch them both slowly slip from his life must have been a torture I cannot even fathom.

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NFL: wk 1

Little did you readers know, I am a closet football fan. And this week, I was a moderately happy one at that. Only one real disappointment among the 4 teams I follow.

34-7, PIT - ROCK, ROCK ON!

9-7, WAS - Good news for the home team...

7-27, KC - well, HOT DAMN!

28-24, DAL - sad news for my babies... But the Raiders losing on Thurs was enough to keep my spirits high for my team next week.

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September 11, 2005

9-11 Anniversary

Yesterday, to remember that day, the people who died, those who have and continue to suffer, and those who have fallen in the name of what came following 9-11, I visited the Pentagon. For a few brief hours the damaged wing of the Pentagon that has been rebuilt was open for public tours.

Before we left the metro station there was a Sailor to greet us. He directed us toward the path to the tour that was dotted by additional Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, and Marines placed to guide people in the right direction. My purse was searched, our wristbands placed securely on the left, and we were on our way.

Just outside our starting point lies a single remaining brick from the attack. Blackened by the raging fires, it stood out as a reminder of what had been. It is engraved with the date of it's injury and behind it lies a capsule filled with various personal artifacts. Inside there is a memorial alcove with black, engraved, wall like dedications to the people that lost their lives. There is a display explaining the purple heart awarded to the military personnel that died and a display explaining the defense of freedom medal that was awarded to the civilians whom also died along side them. Adjoining that room was a small chapel, something the Pentagon lacked prior to 9-11. At the front is a pentagon shaped stained glass window filled with symbolism. 184 pieces of red glass form a ring around an eagle, one piece of red glass for each innocent victim. The remaining elements of our tour of the new E-ring contained glass wall cases filled with handmade offers of condolences and support - from cards of young children to blankets and quilts - not only from our nation but from around the world as well.

It was an honor and a privilege to be part of such a dignified memory to what so many lost at the Pentagon four years ago today.

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September 10, 2005

2 Years Old

That's right, he's 2 years old today....

Usually that would mean he has magical powers of dissapearance and his favorite word is no ... I think this guy only managed one of the two, and his favorite word isn't no. Instead he's one of the kindest, most thoughtfully entertaining bloggers I can think of.

So head on over to Straight White Guy and help Eric celebrate the anniversary of his fame, or infamy ... depending on which stories you have to tell ...

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September 09, 2005

Top Dog

I forgot to mention the other day that in the midst of all the trauma and drama going on with the family out in LA that Dad got a promotion!

That now makes him ... drum roll please ...

a Director

He was promoted from Associate Director of the same department I didn't even know he was up for a promotion. And apparently neither did he until a few weeks ago.

Good news for Dad, great news for everyone right now.

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September 08, 2005

Thorn in My Side

If anyone ever has a question as to why I don't get along with the administrators of my department, all they have to do is read this op/ed piece one of them wrote in the Baltimore Sun today.

Headline: After Katrina fiasco, Time for Bush to go.
(The article is posted in its entirety below the fold)

God forbid this academic institution employ people capable of putting their personal partisanship aside for a few moments (or in the classroom). We couldn't possibly exhibit a sense of professionalism that focuses on solutions to the current problem and preventative measures for the future. Oh no, we most definitely couldn't have that.

ARTICLE: After Katrina fiasco, time for Bush to go
By Gordon Adams
Originally published September 8, 2005

WASHINGTON - The disastrous federal response to Katrina exposes a record of incompetence, misjudgment and ideological blinders that should lead to serious doubts that the Bush administration should be allowed to continue in office.

When taxpayers have raised, borrowed and spent $40 billion to $50 billion a year for the past four years for homeland security but the officials at the Federal Emergency Management Agency cannot find their own hands in broad daylight for four days while New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast swelter, drown and die, it is time for them to go.

When funding for water works and levees in the gulf region is repeatedly cut by an administration that seems determined to undermine the public responsibility for infrastructure in America, despite clear warnings that the infrastructure could not survive a major storm, it seems clear someone is playing politics with the public trust.

When rescue and medical squads are sitting in Manassas and elsewhere in northern Virginia and foreign assistance waits at airports because the government can't figure out how to insure the workers, how to use the assistance or which jurisdiction should be in charge, it is time for the administration to leave town.

When President Bush stays on vacation and attends social functions for two days in the face of disaster before finally understanding that people are starving, crying out and dying, it is time for him to go.

When FEMA officials cannot figure out that there are thousands stranded at the New Orleans convention center - where people died and were starving - and fussed ineffectively about the same problems in the Superdome, they should be fired, not praised, as the president praised FEMA Director Michael Brown in New Orleans last week.

When Mr. Bush states publicly that "nobody could anticipate a breach of the levee" while New Orleans journalists, Scientific American, National Geographic, academic researchers and Louisiana politicians had been doing precisely that for decades, right up through last year and even as Hurricane Katrina passed over, he should be laughed out of town as an impostor.

When repeated studies of New Orleans make it clear that tens of thousands of people would be unable to evacuate the city in case of a flood, lacking both money and transportation, but FEMA makes no effort before the storm to commandeer buses and move them to safety, it is time for someone to be given his walking papers.

When the president makes Sen. Trent Lott's house in Pascagoula, Miss., the poster child for rebuilding while hundreds of thousands are bereft of housing, jobs, electricity and security, he betrays a careless insensitivity that should banish him from office.

When the president of the United States points the finger away from the lame response of his administration to Katrina and tries to finger local officials in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, La., as the culprits, he betrays the unwillingness of this administration to speak truth and hold itself accountable. As in the case of the miserable execution of policy in Iraq, Mr. Bush and Karl Rove always have some excuse for failure other than their own misjudgments.

We have a president who is apparently ill-informed, lackadaisical and narrow-minded, surrounded by oil baron cronies, religious fundamentalist crazies and right-wing extremists and ideologues. He has appointed officials who give incompetence new meaning, who replace the positive role of government with expensive baloney.

They rode into office in a highly contested election, spouting a message of bipartisanship but determined to undermine the federal government in every way but defense (and, after 9/11, one presumed, homeland security). One with Grover Norquist, they were determined to shrink Washington until it was "small enough to drown in a bathtub." Katrina has stripped the veil from this mean-spirited strategy, exposing the greed, mindlessness and sheer profiteering behind it.

It is time to hold them accountable - this ugly, troglodyte crowd of Capital Beltway insiders, rich lawyers, ideologues, incompetents and their strap-hangers should be tarred, feathered and ridden gracefully and mindfully out of Washington and returned to their caves, clubs in hand.

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Swimmer's Demise

Maimed bodies dotted the landscape ...

Makeshift piles formed as they were tossed aside, not to be forgotten ... but saved for later.

Some missing part of their head, some the whole thing...
Others lost the top half, while still more lost the bottom...
A few were nothing left but middles...

Their kin continued to scurry about, part to avoid the carnage, part oblivious to the turn of events, part out of sheer terror...

... the monsters were still lurking in their midst ...

Feeding day in the cichlid tank ... what a beautiful moment of animalistic agression ... the struggle to survive ... a microcosm of the entire food chain, front and center in my living room.

The rosie reds don't stand a chance against the Jaguars.

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September 07, 2005

Where's My Rock?

I'm officially creeped out now.

First, I woke up experiencing a panic attack this morning. Yeah, that was fun. Squeeze ... pound, squeeze ... pound, squeeze ... pound... Just what I wanted to wake up to this morning - my heart trying to leap out of my chest. To make matters worse, I have no idea what the panic was about or how it was triggered.

Then, after I had calmed down, my condo started vibrating. I laid on the bed and felt a gentle vibration get stronger, then the windows kicked in. It lasted for close to 45 continuous seconds. It stopped rattling for a few seconds before there was another jolt and a little more vibrating. It really felt like a minor earthquake. It lasted too long and there wasn't enough noise for it to have been a truck outside. On some level it made me feel better, like I had a little piece of home keeping me company. But then I just felt like a crazy psycho when USGS didn't have any earthquake data in the area.

Next I opened up my e-mail to a message from an ex ... saying things weren't so good in his life and that hearing about my new life would cheer him up. He's random like that. At least once a year or so he is good for a 'why do I continue being such a dumb asshole' message sent my way.

I tried to get on track for the day and I didn't get too far before I was interrupted again. I was expecting a phone call... but not from him...

That's right, another ex. He 'thought I had left a voicemail last night' that said I needed to talk to him. Convenient how he was just bitching about his drama with the psycho chicks in his life.

I think I need to crawl under a rock for the rest of the day. I'm not sure I want to know what random life-test is lurking around the corner. This time it is a conspiracy for sure...I just know it...

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Digital Hate

Have you ever pissed someone off so much that they took the effort to photoshop you (or something that reminds them of you) out of a picture?

Apparently I have.

I recently discovered, quite by accident, that a necklace I gave to someone has been removed from a photo of her posted online.

Damn, that's some serious dedication to being pissed off.

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September 06, 2005

Tantalizing Tuesday

I have ventured out of my department and into another school within the university for one of my classes this semester. So far, I am highly impressed.

How sad is that? Just one class and already I'm impressed off my ass with this other department. It just confirms what I have said from the very department/school has its head so firmly planted up its ass that the light of common sense shall never be seen within its halls.

The next 13 Tuesdays should prove to be quite interesting...and finally it is in a good way!

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Escape Artist

It was a little too warm
It was a little too light out
The celing fan's light fixture was insistant for attention

With the bulbs adjusted and the glass tweaked...
There was a patterned hum as the blades rotated

It was a little too uncomfortable
It was a little too wrong
The tossing and turning refused to take the night off

My insomnia has returned, in full force.

I woke up this morning far earlier than I wanted to and on the verge of tears. Just before waking up I was dreaming of an old job and re-experiencing the frustrations of working there. The nice people were all still there but the manager had been replaced with the former district manager who was worse, ten fold.

In the dream...
I was packing small bags with my things - the equivalent of cleaning out my desk. It was understood that I was quitting. The layout of the store was different but most everything else was the same. There was a snitch that made career points at everyone else's expense. The top management was rude and abrasive. In the midst of me doing my job and her in the middle of another task, she dropped everything came over to me. She ripped my name badge from my neck and demanded to know where I had gotten it. She made clear that if I wanted to quit, she didn't need me in her store for another minute longer. I snatched the name badge away from her and retreated to the break room. She continued to make comments as she walked to the back of the store to go to her office. It was too much for me to take and I screamed at her as she walked away, "if you didn't exist, this would be the greatest job on earth. I don't understand why you are even here." At which point I broke into tears in the break room and was consoled by another worker.

I couldn't fall back asleep after that. I was too upset and too disturbed by my childish reaction in the dream.

Yet another good night's sleep has managed to escape.

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Easy or Stupid?

I have several labor day stories to tell but I'm not in much of a writing mood. So you're getting another quiz-like entry instead.

I first have to say however that I believe, The Job Predictor, (that I found via Boudicca) is rigged.

As my super fun blogger identity, I am meant to be a pole dancer...

As my real life identity, I am meant to be a professional tramp...

So either this job generator is trying to get some by convincing me that I'm easy, or I've been wasting a lot of time, effort, and money on all this edjumakation nonsense...

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September 04, 2005

Dad's Sat Update*

It was a long day of post-op recovery for step-mom. Surgery takes a physical toll that catches up with a patient by day's end.

Daughter 1 and daughter 2 each drove down to Cedars this afternoon. Step-mom was boosted by that, as well as a personal call from her senior physician.

I stayed here last night at Cedars on a cot in step-mom's room. I think tonight
I'll head home for a few hours rest and to see that all is in good shape at home.

We're anticipating a visit by Dr. K - senior staff - tomorrow morning at 0700. Dr. K is a gem, a valuable resource for the women's health care initiative.

We're feeling fortunate, blessed to be surrounded with such great personal
and professional support, together with equally good news at this juncture.

Thanks again to all.


Dad& step-mom

*The names have been changed as a CYA precaution.

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September 03, 2005

There Aren't Words...

I called Dad last night to see how everyone was holding up after the surgery and found him still at the hospital, just where a devoted husband belongs when his wife has been through a major ordeal. Step-mom was in a private room in the hospital where she would recover for the next three or four days and Dad was awaiting a cot so he could sleep there with her. Her daughters were no where to be found.

Before he left they repeatedly pestered my father about where he would spend the night. Why? Because the very day their mother underwent surgery to remove internal organs and potentially deadly tissue these girls were plotting to throw a party in the parent-free house. Their excuse for not visiting was traffic...

It is labor day weekend and I'm sure my dad will spend a lot of it in the hospital keeping his wife comfortable and in good company. That leaves these satan-spawn to throw as many parties as they like. And if they are good at one thing it is answering when an opportunity like that knocks.

I don't know why I am shocked at this turn of events but my step-sisters never cease to amaze me. At 21 and 17 you would think that by now they would have developed some level of sensitivity and maturity. Maybe normal people of their age would have, but not these pieces of trash.

When my mom had outpatient surgery to remove a malignant mass I made sure I was not only in town but at the hospital with her before, during, and after. She didn't spend a moment of the few hours she was in the hospital outside of surgery without me. My brother was there for most of the time and her friend was there a good portion of the time as well.

My mom and I have our differences and have fought more often than not throughout my life ... but when it came right down to it, being there was more important than anything else I could have had going on in my life. I guess the same is not true for the step-sisters.

I am so beyond disgusted right now that there aren't words...

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Military Honored

September 2 marked the 60th anniversary of Japan's unconditional surrender to the Allied Powers, the signing of surrender documents on the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, and the end of World War II in the Pacific Theater. To commemorate the event I attended a small and elegant ceremony at the World War II Memorial on the National Mall.

From my seat I could see rows and rows of proud Veterans sitting with their families up close to the portable stage. The event opened with a wreath laying at the World War II Memorial proper. Unfortunately, I couldn't see it first hand since I was in the event seating area off to the side. On the big screen I watched as Secretary Rumsfeld laid a wreath and the Director of the National Mall Parks (I think) laid a second. Various military personnel carried flags from each of our allies into the ceremony as they were annouced. It was brief, but poignant.

As the speeches began I counted myself lucky to be part of such a momentous occasion. At the same time, I was a little disheartened by the obvious lack of my generation's representation outside of uniform. But it also left me reassured that I will always have with me something genuinely unique. All in one night I was witness to the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, R. James Nicholson, the Sergeant Major of the Army, Kenneth Preston, and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and WWII Veteran, General John Vessey. Senator Bob Dole was scheduled to be there as well but was forced to decline the invitation at the last minute.

Just before the closing fireworks they paid tribute to each individual service by asking people to stand if they or someone in their family had served under a particular branch. It wasn't until I found myself standing more than sitting that I realized how rare I was, even in that crowd, and saw just how militarily focused my life and my family has been.

It was a touching and humbling experience as today's service members honored and thanked the Veterans and the Veterans did the same for today's service members.

What came afterward was just the icing on cake ... but that is an entry for another day...

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September 02, 2005

And We're Off

The semester has officially, and finally, begun. And following in our institution's sorted fall tradition, we kicked it off with alcohol cheap beer. I believe they officially called it the 'New Student Social' for which you must have RSVP'd or your lowly presence would not be tolerated - tuition paying or not, those not on the guest list were proverbial scum at this event.

I personally couldn't tell you how the food tasted - I wasn't in the mood for watery salsa or melted cheese - but most people were upset there was no 'real' food to speak of. How hard is it to get a mini-sandwich out of these people?

Yingling and Bud Light in a can and wine in a box just weren't what I had gone looking for that evening either. So when a good portion of the student body headed to the bar like lemmings marching to their death, so did I... Killians it was for the rest of the night.

Snippits of conversations from the bar...

"Can I touch your boob?"

"If it's anything besides penis-vagina sex, she just squirms!"

"Do you know how hard it is to be a gay republican?"

"This is so cool, you're such a geek!"

I took last train home that night. Not so much because I was that intrigued by those I was talking with but because I just couldn't tear myself away from the oddity that the new class of students freaks truly represents.

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September 01, 2005

Evil Strikes Thrice

It has been confirmed that my step-mom has been attacked by cancer for the third time in her life. Her first two battles were with the same type. This time she is facing an entirely new monster.

Under the advisement of some of the best oncologists in the country, her first line of treatment is a hysterectomy - scheduled for tomorrow. Whether she will need additional treatment has not been decided at this point.

No family should have to suffer the pain of cancer as much as hers has.

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