September 25, 2005

Military Rally

I'm not usually one to get involved in protests or rallies since they have the potential to get a little ugly but this weekend, I just couldn't be that selfish anymore. Cindy was in town and her lemmings were doing a lot of screaming so I felt obligated to do my part and show up to this:


I heard a lot of great speakers and saw a lot of support shown. The greatest quote was, "from the lowest Private to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, we kick ass and take names if we have to." The most moving were the Iraqi citizens that spoke of how grateful they were for America's sacrifice and how much better they see their country getting on a daily basis. The most touching were the gold star family members that talked about their loved ones and how much they believed in the mission that cost them the very life they were willing to lay down for such meaningful causes. One woman read a poem she wrote to describe her young son's viewpoint, what it was like to have lost his dad... She said he didn't understand what gone really means since he has spent several multi-month stints without his father but that since the funeral and her pointing at the flag there, he sees an American flag and identifies it with his daddy. I couldn't help but cry as she read it and held him, all the while he was trying to interject about his missing daddy.

But of course, the Cindy followers took up a post across the street and started chanting against us once they realized we were there. There were a couple of incidents where opposing people came in to cause problems but no one was hurt and they were dealt with in a generally peaceful manner. I was not shocked but still disgusted that people would disrupt something like that when they have their own forum to rant without invading ours.

One of the most amusing moments though was the closing song by The Right Brothers. They did a song written especially for the rally called "Bush Was Right." I don't have the lyrics but it had an awesome na-na-nana-na tune to it. You can guess the chorus...

After having to put up with over a year's worth of 'friends,' roommates, classmates, and professors that spew off their half cocked bullshit against the war, the mission, the troops, and the President on many different just about damn near made my whole freakin month.

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wow, girl...awesome, thanks for sharing your experience there...have you seen the gold star mom's commercial that says, "we can't afford to pay for Bush's mistake anymore" it turns my stomach...i think what you witnessed was a much more rare occurance than the nutjobs, why are they always louder?

Posted by: shoe at September 26, 2005 08:28 AM