July 06, 2005

Travelin Fool

Two swipes of the credit card later, I have the rest of my July planned.

Next Thursday I'll be flying back to Cali and staying for 12 glorious days. Most of them near the San Fernando Valley (ick) to sort through stuff the 'rents are storing for me but a few will be spent in beautiful San Diego. Have I mentioned how much I love going home?

Just two days after I return from that adventure I will be whisked off to lovely (?) Jackson, MS via the Memphis airport for a terrific weekend adventure family reunion.

Hopefully I'll still be blogging most of those days. Let me know if you are a blogger in any of these areas that would like to rescue me from my family grab a drink.

Posted by Princess Cat at July 6, 2005 02:06 AM @ 02:06 AM in Good Times // Permalink | TrackBack

nice, i wish it were me. i made the mistake of taking my kids to legoland one year. now that's all i hear about. have fun!

Posted by: shoe at July 6, 2005 07:38 AM