July 06, 2005

Paula Deen

I am an absolute Food Network junkie. I love Alton Brown's wackiness, the factory tours of Unwrapped, trying to understand the Japanese of Iron Chef, putting Rachel Ray on mute while I try to steal ideas from her...but most of all, I LOVE Paula Deen. There is just no way you can watch her show and not at least smile a little on the inside. That woman is the cheeriest, most genuine person I have ever seen on TV.

She's a little plump (like I expect anyone telling me how great the food is should be) but doesn't ever act like it bothers her. She always has herself together, coordinated on the show, and simply does not make a mistake. She's warm and inviting...with her Savannah accent...she's the stereotype of a perfect Southern mother. Hell, I'd marry one of her sons just to have her as my mother-in-law.

I wouldn't be so convinced she's a genuine delight if I hadn't seen her wedding show. They followed her around as she was preparing to get married. She was excited about marrying her neighbor, overwhelmed with all the preparations, and discouraged about her weight when it came to the dress. Superwoman needed help and even in her moments of frazzle, she reached out for that help without acting like she was losing a part of herself.

And I simply laughed out loud when the woman making the cake offered her a sample..."You offer a fat girl cake, you think she's gonna turn it down?" What woman hasn't said that in her head?

If you haven't seen her show, go watch it. She'll brighten your day.
I hope that someday I can live up to even a fraction what this amazing woman is. And if I had kids, I couldn't think of a stronger, lovelier, more exemplary role model for them (on TV, that is).

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What about good old Rachel "raisin tits" Ray (sp?)? She's fun to watch.

Posted by: Dorothy at July 6, 2005 08:07 PM