June 28, 2005


Have you ever posted something on your blog just to get it off your chest and then been confronted with a comment, email, phone call from someone that swore what you wrote was in relation to them? Sometimes they’re apologizing for something they'd done, sometimes they're mad as hell that you wrote such a thing in view of the entire public... but either way...they are certain your motives for writing point straight back at them.

But what if your motives for writing weren't pointing straight back at them? Have you ever just felt a certain way without having to ascribe those feelings to one single person or event? Maybe a bunch of things just built up and you had to get it out once and for all. I have felt this way... posted as a result...and gotten the aforementioned, unsolicited response...

In my philosophy, the people that think the posts are about them are guilty. Some might say self-absorbed or arrogant...but I'll stick with guilty. A conscience so guilty about something that they are convinced my writing was their fault. A conscience that knows a wrong deed was committed that has not been atoned for and is trying to make its owner realize the error in judgment. Alas, most of these people don't listen to the conscience and just think you a liar when you tell them the post wasn't about them...

Those with something to hide or a guilty conscience are always the ones that will jump to scream their defense. Sometimes though, 'he doth protest too much,' and the truth shines through...

But guilt really is a strange thing when you stop and think about it...sometimes we bring it on ourselves and sometimes we are coaxed into it with the help of someone else...but really, it is something truly internal that makes us suffer...

Posted by Princess Cat at June 28, 2005 03:41 PM @ 03:41 PM in SSDD // Permalink

I know this is totally unrelated but:

That's the town in NH where I went to high school for a year.

Oh and about the lei thing, it isn't that I think you're dirty...I was definitely confused when I read that because I DON'T think you are anywhere near that kind of dirty.

Posted by: Dorothy at June 28, 2005 07:29 PM

Actually, the overwhelming majority of vicious things written on the Internet are in fact about me. About me specifically. It would probably bother me more if those slurs weren't true.

I guess being a bastard has its plus side after all.

Posted by: skippystalin at June 28, 2005 07:51 PM