November 16, 2009

I Don't Wanna Be The One To Say Goodbye
But I Will, I Will, I Will...

Some people hold a special place in your life long after you think they will. And some people take that place for granted. Others are willing to piss it away for something that is so much less.

So I guess the best thing to do is just set those people free.

You know who you are.

Posted by Princess Cat at November 16, 2009 12:35 AM @ 12:35 AM in Drama // Permalink | TrackBack

Sounds like toxic relationships. I had some of those friendships a few years ago. Those people got mad when I ended them, and there was a lot name-calling and letter-writing from them...but I just ignored it. And I'm better because of it.

Posted by: Dorothy at November 16, 2009 09:02 AM