May 24, 2007

Fastlane ... Oh we just collided in the fast lane

Ah ... the stench of the familiar ... Shit for brains employees

I had a meeting with yet another bundle of red tape today and was nearly immediately glad to have worn my trusty boots.

A word to the bitch I was dealing with - When I have prior approval from your boss, I don't give two shits whether you agree with their decision or not. When you're the boss, you can make the calls. Until then, keep your unimportant opinions to your ghetto-ass-self.

I was essentially told by an underling that she would do what she could to get her bosses decision overturned because she didn't agree with it. I politely told her that if my applications were denied based on that tenet, I would become quite annoying to her office.

She didn't seem to quite understand and later threatened me again, throwing that someone else could overturn the decision. I again politely let her know that I would not take that kind of an assault lying down.

So she threatened me again with an official board meeting.

Seriously? Don't challenge me. I won't back down and I always come armed. And I usually win. Even if I have to take a win by submission.

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Always keep your guns loaded and never let them see you sweat. You're my kind of girl sweetie. Are you sure you're not a long lost daughter of mine? Never, and I mean NEVER show weakness in the corporate world. You'll go far with that advice. You did the right thing sweetie. Have a nice 3 day weekend.

Posted by: assrot at May 25, 2007 03:38 PM

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