April 05, 2007

Juicy Lucy Strikes Again

I almost forgot that I had blogged about Juicy Lucy way back when. So in Acidman's honor and on Assrot's behalf, here's another story ...

Scene: 1 dead lady, 1 tissue bucket, 6 teenagers assigned to expose muscle tissue and learn everything there is to know about each one - action, origin, insertion, nerve

By this point, we had spent several of our dissection days unpuddling the fluid that earned Lucy her name. She was fairly dry, kept moist instead by a mist sprayed on her at the end of every dissection day. Without her gallons of fluid to plump her up, she sagged and almost caved in places.

We had taken great care to peel her skin off in sheets, exposing blood vessels, muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and fat. The fat was blocking a clear view of everything else we needed to see so it had to go. Carefully removed, tweeze by tweeze of our tiny little tools meant to keep every structure in tact.

Being that there were six of us and one tissue bucket to hold everything we removed from Lucy, we had to find somewhere else to dump our tweezers full of fat. Where better than a pile on her torso?

Note, her torso was also one of those caved in places that looked remarkably like a bowl at the end of the day ... a bowl full of little yellow globs of fat ...

Or if you're a teenager ...
A bowl full of jujubes!!

But they were renamed Ju-Lu-bes, of course (and I've never eaten them again!)

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Oh. Just. Oh my.

Dr. Jekyll (ex-h), during cadaver lab one day kept hearing little "tinks" on the table as he and his partner were doing a dissection on the genitalia of their cadaver. They found several little greenish discs under her... evidently the poor dear had been "hiding" her iron pills in her... yannow.

I'll stick with ju-lu-bes, thank you.

You crack me up, woman.

Posted by: Pixie at April 6, 2007 04:53 PM

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