February 21, 2007

You See The Look Thats On My Face
You Might Think Im Out Of Place
Im Not Lost, No No, Just Undiscovered

Mom got into town on Friday and left on Tuesday ... driving me crazy as usual. It was actually a good visit but some major buttons kept getting pushed that I had a hard time not losing it over.

She and I have discussed the boundaries of our relationship and conversations but she doesn't seem to want to respect them. Yet, she can't stand hearing my dissenting opinion when she crosses those boundaries. How hard is it to understand the concept of "if you don't want to hear my opinion, don't ask for it?"

We did go visit Monticello and see Thomas Jefferson's house. I had been once before, 5 yrs ago but she had never seen it. I have to say, the tour guides and their scripts have gone seriously downhill. The guides hardly had a pulse and their scripts were so entirely PC that it was offensive. But I'll get into that in another post later...

Mom and I also spent many hours over two days at fabric stores over the weekend in preparation for breaking in my new sewing machine. I managed to make a giant blanket for my sofa (since my living room is always so damn cold) and get part of a new window treatment for the dining room done. The rest of the fabric for the living room treatments had to be ordered so I'll have to work on them down the line somewhere. I've got fabric ordered for half my bedroom project and a good idea of fabrics that I'd like to use for the drapes ... assuming they match my new bedding that I will order once my gift card shows up in the mail.

Apparently I'm becoming a regular domestic diva ... who'd have thought?

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Isn't that amazing how some people always get bent out of shape when they don't agree with your opinion, even after they've asked for it? Unfortunately if she can't respect the boundaries, its your obligation to enforce them or it could become a free-fire zone.

And, I feared that home-ownership would do this to you.

Posted by: David M at February 21, 2007 01:33 PM

So, does Monticello REALLY look like it does on the back of the nickel?

Posted by: Harvey at February 26, 2007 02:22 PM

Did i say something bad?

Posted by: Pat Patterson at February 26, 2007 08:49 PM