November 02, 2006

Tell Me Baby What's Your Story
Where You Come From And Where You Wanna Go This Time

Without those laptops from Project Valor-IT, there are men and women that can't readily answer the simple question, "Where you come from and where you wanna go this time?" that is being asked by a popular song these days.

Don't these folks deserve to be able to tell their story? To keep in touch with mom and dad far away? To Google whatever pops into their head just as much as you do?

You're damn straight they do.

Donate Here (On Behalf of Team MARINE, of course)

Or bid on signed copies Marines in the Garden of Eden or The Gulf War Chronicles by Richard S. Lowry - books that John at Op-For and CoInSide have put up to benefit Project Valor-IT without picking sides.

(Don't let the abject Zoomie generosity and dedication to the cause fool you ... Team Marine is the way to go when it comes to the service teams. We do more with less, 7 days a week.)

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