January 21, 2008

Its Amazing What A Man Can See By the Light of a Burning Bridge

I got a copy of my x-rays last week and today I went to a dentist a girl from school has used for a couple of years....

An $81 price tag was so worth it to have a second opinion on my teeth.

They were just as nice as she promised...the guy at the front desk greeted me by name before I ever picked up a pen or said a word. The dentist was not condescending and judgmental like the previous one was. She asked questions, explained what was confusing, and offered no pressure for me to use her in the future.

Of course, I absolutely will ...

Instead of the 12 the other guy said I needed at over $4600, I will be getting TWO. I don't have the actual price tag but I've already been promised they will be lower than anything the other guy was charging.

*deep sigh of relief*

Thank GOD I'm smart enough to know when someone is trying to rape my bank account and call it a friendly hello ...

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January 07, 2008

In These Shoes ... ? Hunny, I Don't Think So ...

Ahhh ... almost 70 degrees today and lunch out of doors for the first time in a LONG time. And the weather promises to be just as nice tomorrow.

Its almost enough to make me not care about having to dress up tomorrow ...


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January 02, 2008

So Much for That Raise ...

One should not start a new year crying ...

I just got off the phone with the new "I think I'm fantastic" dentist office. Apparently my entire mouth full of is rotting out of my head at a speed I never imagined possible. Well, ok ... its not that bad ... but it is bad.

The first installment of four filling appointments (yes, I said four) is slated to cost me a whopping $1,095 and my insurance has graciously agreed to pay the lovely sum of $84. That only leaves me with another $1,011 to come up with.

multiply times four ...

I'm looking at approximately $4000 flying out of my bank account before the year even gets off to a rolling start.

Oh, and did I note that Mr. I Am So Fantastic has no idea why I have so many cavities? He assumed I drink soda and eat a lot of candy ... neither of which I do. I am a daily brusher. Granted a less than daily flosser. But I avoid gum, mints, soda, candy, chewy foods ... so care to explain why I'm looking at drill-a-palooza 08 ...?

Someone please tell me I'm still sleeping off a bad night of binge drinking and that this is just a nightmare I will wake up from quite soon ...

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January 01, 2008

You Think You're One of Millions, But You're One in a Million to Me

So, I find myself reading books that came from blogs instead of reading actual, um ... blogs. It feels really strange, to be perfectly honest.

On the other hand, it has renewed my interest in this blog ... who knows to what end at this point. I don't really seem to stick to much of anything these days, now do I?

I laugh at the stories these women are telling, thinking to myself ... I should get in on this racket - I'm funny ... While at the same time thinking ... Why on earth would anyone read a book of my life ... and why am I reading one about theirs?

So ... you tell me? What's it gonna take to get this junk in print so I can afford that damn laptop I am still drooling over?

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