January 21, 2008

Its Amazing What A Man Can See By the Light of a Burning Bridge

I got a copy of my x-rays last week and today I went to a dentist a girl from school has used for a couple of years....

An $81 price tag was so worth it to have a second opinion on my teeth.

They were just as nice as she promised...the guy at the front desk greeted me by name before I ever picked up a pen or said a word. The dentist was not condescending and judgmental like the previous one was. She asked questions, explained what was confusing, and offered no pressure for me to use her in the future.

Of course, I absolutely will ...

Instead of the 12 the other guy said I needed at over $4600, I will be getting TWO. I don't have the actual price tag but I've already been promised they will be lower than anything the other guy was charging.

*deep sigh of relief*

Thank GOD I'm smart enough to know when someone is trying to rape my bank account and call it a friendly hello ...

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My mom got a $17,000 estimate from a dentist. Yeah, like that'd ever happen. She refuses to work because her teeth are falling apart but she can't afford the dentistry. I just love my life as a full-time babysitter of someone choosing to be helpless. Oh wait, I got off track. Anyway, yeah, congratulations on finding a dentist who wants to help you and not send you running in the other direction -- clearly a profitable strategy. Hah.

Posted by: dawn at January 21, 2008 05:06 PM

Whew! That is good news.

Posted by: David M at January 21, 2008 07:08 PM

Good deal. I won't say "I told you so." So now you're probably looking at $500 to $1000 tops where before you were facing almost 5 grand. Plus what they tell you in the beginning and what it actually costs is always more. Good luck Sweetie.



Posted by: Assrot at January 22, 2008 05:51 PM

thank goodness indeed!

And you have gorgeous teeth...protect them!

Posted by: AWTM at January 22, 2008 09:13 PM

..... that is wonderful news!...... I hope that your new dentist takes such good care of you!......

Posted by: Eric at January 23, 2008 09:46 PM

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