September 28, 2006

Waiter: I'll Take A Tall Glass of Pink Stuff

I know I should have found my camera by now, and I should be blogging about how fantastic it is to have my own house ... and TO myself (at least for the time being) ... but ...

Life's been busy putting my family in knots again

In the span of four days, what has been settled in Kansas for months has been undone, turned upside down, redone, and left unspun.

The guy that killed my grandmother decided to change his mind - he wanted to plead guilty at the last minute (a week before the trial was set to begin. (Note: he requested this trial date ... far earlier than anyone expected him to).

My family rushed to understand what it meant and everyone changed their travel plans accordingly.

Defense counsel apparently had other things in mind. He called up and argued with the prosecutor over the classification of the crime (which had been settled by a judge previously). When the defense counsel ended up with the answer he didn't want - they took back the plea.

We'll all go back and change our travel plans again and sit on the pins and needles this case is putting us through. We are back to facing a trial ... eventually ... we just don't know when

Tonight, my stomach is killing me.

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