September 08, 2006

I Want A Girl With Lips Like Morphine

If I had a girl with lips like morphine, then she could kiss away the pains of packing. I've used muscles I don't think girls are even supposed to have. Guess that goes against my chiropractor's advice not to lift anything over 40 pounds. Tee Hee! But I've been hard at work all week and the house finally feels "put away." It isn't completely done, but huge strides have been made. Three 30-gallon garbage bags worth of strides, in fact. More on this later ... more very exciting news on this later.

I don't anticipate being home much this weekend ... I've already got plans for the next 28 hour or so and I'll be seeing all of you DC residents at the Freedom Walk on Sunday night, right?

You've still got time to sign up to walk, you know ... just go here and then put your feet on the pavement to show you aren't willing to forget. There's no fundraising, just good ol' American togetherness.

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