June 21, 2006


For the last couple of days I have been emailing with someone I have come to discover is a nearly daily reader ... and I had no idea ...

My first reaction was to feel like a total schmuck, completely out of touch with who on earth the reading audience really is.

Until it hit me ... literally hit me ... (I was still in the throws of pain from having hit my knee on the desk when I realized) ... emailing and being friends with readers is cool, but writing without knowing my audience means I really am not writing for an audience. Unless, of course, I'm writing for an imagined audience ... which may or may not actually read me ... but I digress ...

My point was, perhaps not knowing my audience doesn't make me such a horrible ogre* after all, just someone blogging for what blogging is about.

*(no offense Ogre, I meant the other kind ... that bad kind ... not the you kind, or the Shrek kind ... )

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Good point.

Posted by: Tige at June 26, 2006 09:53 AM