February 20, 2006

Of Course - The Fucked Up Part...

Naturally, emotions are running high through the whole family right now...

Trying to make arrangements for my grandmother, Dad sat in the very same funeral home that had taken care of his father some 40 years ago, simply by accident. The man across the desk said, "I know your family. My father took care of your father." It was an odd comfort, in a creepy kind of way.

But the creepiest part of all this ...? The step mom...

She flew in last night and will be staying with the whole family in my grandmother's house. My mom and step-mom in the same house ... awesome. But that's not it ... evil stepmom will be sleeping in my grandmother's bed. Maybe I'm the only one that has an issue with this but, in my book, that takes the dysfunctional cake at the moment. She doesn't know a thing about my grandmother, and then there's the fact that my grandmother didn't like a thing about the woman. Over the Christmas holiday, my grandmother did everything she graciously could to avoid going to stepmom's house and only spoke to her when it was impolite not to.

So much for thinking about what grandma would have wanted...

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Oh dear. I'm a little late in offering my heartfelt sympathies to you. I hope that you are able to get through this trying time. My thoughts are with you and your family!

Posted by: oddybobo at February 20, 2006 01:25 PM

Well sweetie I am sorry that you lost your grandmother. It sounds like she was a very good woman. There is not much anyone can say or do to make you feel better. The death of a loved one is something we all have to learn to work through for ourself and we all do it different. I'll bet your grandma is in a better place right now and she is finally free of this troubled world. I doubt she cares who sleeps in what bed anymore. She probably just wants her loved ones to have good memories of her and for them to get on with life after a respectful mourning period. My prayers are with you and your family. I wish I could relieve your pain. Try to have a nice day. Here's a fatherly hug for you from an old almost bald fat dude. Hope you feel better soon.

Posted by: assrot at February 20, 2006 05:53 PM

Hang tough kiddo. Times like you're goin' through are tough on everybody around. I tried to bite my tongue through the last one I went through. It was a brother in law, preceeded by a mother in law, preceeded by a father in law. Be strong. I know you can be.

Posted by: RedNeck at February 22, 2006 08:51 PM