December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Hopefully everyone is out and having a wonderful New Year's celebration by now. And if you aren't out, then hopefully you're either getting lit at home or you're in the process of getting yourself out somewhere. This is no night for sitting on your duff.

Personally, I will be struttin my stuff in the new boots...

(hey, I said BOOTS...)

Posted by Princess Cat at December 31, 2005 09:09 PM @ 09:09 PM in Good Times // Permalink | TrackBack

I wanna see!!!

Hope you had a great night too.

Posted by: RSM at January 1, 2006 03:32 AM

happy new year, cat! and bring them boots to texas and we'll saddle you a cowboy. say aprilish?

Posted by: shoe at January 1, 2006 11:23 AM

Were those boot made for walkin'?
Are they gonna walk all over me?

Will I like it?

Posted by: The Maximum Leader at January 1, 2006 06:18 PM

*perks up*

Did someone say "boots"? :-)

Posted by: Harvey at January 4, 2006 09:30 PM