October 16, 2005


For the second night in a row I've had a great dinner out. Tonight it was an incredible meal with Dad who flew in from LA on the early flight. It was hell on him getting to the airport that early but it was so nice to have him here mid-afternoon.

We went to Morton's Steakhouse for dinner (and ate way too much) and caught up on chit chat that we missed over the past few weeks with us both being so busy. The shrimp alexander appetizer was some of the most scrumptious shrimp I've ever tasted and the steak was rediculously delicious. Coming from someone who is a picky meat eater, that's saying a lot. Our wine was suprisingly inexpensive but I have not had a better pinot noir, hands down.

Dropping him off at the hotel was an adventure though - driving back we got a little geographically displaced... We found ourselves in a rather dark and sketchy and empty part of town at one point, and then accidentally driving into a secure parking lot at another... Eventually we got back to where we wanted to be though.

All around, it is good to have Dad in town... even if I will only really get to see him again for coffee before he leaves on Tuesday... damn business meetings keep getting in the way. It's not like the company paid for him to be here or anything... oh wait...

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