August 29, 2005

The Enemy Within

Yesterday I made the trek down to the International Spy Museum for what is beginning to feel like my annual fall tradition. This is the third August in a row that I have been. This time though, it was a special trip.

The current special exhibit, The Enemy Within, is being replaced and I had to see it one more time before it was gone.

It is a trip through terrorism, extremism, racism, hatred, violence, revolution, subterfuge, and sabotage in American history - both home-grown and foreign. The exhibit includes citizen acts against one another, acts against the government, and the reaction by both the American people and the government, as well as artifacts from different incidents. I have yet to find a better collection of historic facts relating to the ever evolving difficulty that is the balance between security and our way of life.

I disagree with some of the statements made in the video portion about today's world but I've seen it three times now - I must still like the exhibit...

Anyone who has the chance to see it before it goes off exhibit really should go. The museum is open until 8pm these days (last admission for the special exhibit only is 6:45) and the ticket is only $5!! But you better hurry, Sept 5 is your LAST CHANCE!

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