June 06, 2005


I had been planning a D-day post for several months not but I never got around to drafting one. Obviously from the post earlier this evening, today did not allow for one either. So instead, I shall share a tid bit of my childhood.

Even as a child, I talked to anyone that would listen...especially adults. As a young child, whenever my dad would introduce me to a colleague, a friend, or even a random person at the post office, they would ask how old I was...and I would hold up the (hopefully) appropriate number of fingers. Naturally they would next ask when my birthday was...Don't ask me why I always deferred to my dad, but I did. After I looked to him for approval, I would always excitedly, but somewhat confused, respond with the practiced answer, "I was born on D-Day!" I had NO idea what it meant...I just knew that it meant something important...and what little princess doesn't love being important?

Yes, I'm a D-Day baby...even if is the anniversary and not the day of the invasion.

God bless those of you who were there and Thank you to those that would do it for us again today. We will never forget you and shall keep your memory close to heart, no matter how many years pass by.

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