June 05, 2005

Dog Sitting, part ni

Once it cooled off a bit I took the doggie for another walk. He had a bit more energy this time but he was still a little tuckered out. I'm guessing partly from not eating, partly from stress, and still partly from the heat. It was still nearly 80 even in the early evening. I guess that's pretty hot to a Boxer. Anyhow...this is where things started looking up.

We were trotting along and a little black pug barked from across the street. My dog didn't pay him much attention until he barked again and started across the street. This pug didn't have a leash or an owner that he should have been attached to. My dog noticed now. Ordinarily he fights and struggles and howls and cries wanting to play with the other dog. Today though...I urged him forward and kept him focused on the path in front of him. He kept wanting to turn around but I kept him moving forward and a scene was not caused. Hardly a whine, no screams, not nearly even half the struggle he normally puts up. I'm sure it was due in part to the sluggishness but I was very proud of his behavior. He's growing up...

I finally figured out how to keep him a little calmer though, I think...I brought the laptop downstairs (where I can actually get a little bit better signal on the stolen wireless from the neighbors) and I'm on my third movie of the evening. This way he hears the ambient noise he's used to and has the comfort of someone he knows in the same room he's most comfortable sleeping. Understandable that he would be so attached to the loveseat since it's from his old house...I'm just a little tired of being in the same room all day long...

Anyhow...Once we got home he finally decided to eat his food, so long as I turned on the dining room light and sat on the floor next to him. Needless to say, he's not too thrilled with this new house and not having his daddy around. Once his tummy was full though he chased the racquetball a little and finally decided to chew on his hog's ear for a while. He's been a little sad since the other roommate came and left again but he's doing better. So now I know he's just sad and he's not actually sick or anything.

...how much would that suck?..."hey I was dog sitting for you and he got deathly ill...sorry..."

OK...Back to school work with me...

Posted by Princess Cat at June 5, 2005 11:08 PM @ 11:08 PM in Good Times // Permalink

Part ni? Is that some new number system? ;)

Posted by: Ogre at June 6, 2005 06:53 AM

Ichi, ni, san...Japanese is my other language of choice...

Posted by: Princess Cat at June 6, 2005 02:01 PM