June 05, 2005

Dog Sitting

So today I finally find myself dog sitting the way I expected to be for the entire weekend. Unfortunately, it's a lot more boring than I thought it would be. The dog is just pouting that his daddy isn't here and doesn't really care about much. My log shows just how uneventful the day has been...

Task: Eating
Status: Failed
Comments: Subject shows a lack of interest in food and/or treats other than food meant for human consumption which he is not allowed.

Task: Chewing a Hog's Ear
Status: Failed
Comments: Subject has not been observed chewing within the last 72 hours. Interest in hog's ear spikes when roommate comes home but fades within the following 5 minutes.

Task: Neighborhood Walk
Status: Failed
Comments: Subject perked and showed excitement when the leash was attached but quickly lost interest once outside the house. Pace was slow due to heat. Distance was limited to the equivalent of a walk around the block.

Task: Laying in the Grass
Status: Failed
Comments: Subject was curious about my setting up the backyard with a tether, chair, and water bowl but was disinterested once tethered to the tree. Subject stood next to the chair for long periods of time, sometimes whining at nothing, and laying down only to pout. Lying in the grass time was cut short by a red wasp crawling on the subject's back.

Task: Laying/Sleeping on the Loveseat
Status: Success
Comments: Subject prefers to lay on the loveseat most of the time. If not looking out the window, subject is sleeping. Motivation to leave the loveseat includes the excitement of the roommate coming home/packing and the rare interesting smell on the back deck - little else is of interest.

So...this leaves me with plenty else to do. And in a new house, this usually means injuring myself... weee!! Yes, over the course of the past 72 hours I have managed to remove two large chunks of my right foot (on separate occasions), get a finger smashed by a refrigerator drawer, get my ankle whacked by something I don't remember but it hurts so I know it happened, get a finger whacked by a ceiling fan, and bruise my face in two places.

Ain't moving just grand?

Posted by Princess Cat at June 5, 2005 05:31 PM @ 05:31 PM in Good Times // Permalink

... ouch.. you'd better be careful... moving is supposed to be traumatic.. but not to the point where you injure yourself!.. heh heh..

Posted by: Eric at June 6, 2005 10:20 AM

Imagine how much I hurt myself when I move my own house...Many more opportunities to break my little self... It's a talent of mine, I suppose...

Posted by: Princess Cat at June 6, 2005 02:03 PM