May 08, 2005

SPF & Moisture

Gentlemen, you can stop reading right now as I'm fairly certain you are not interested in the cosmetics section of the drug store...

So ladies...a friend was asking for skin care advice today...
As part of the answer I picked up my trusty, wonderful, always gives me great skin moisturizer...and there was no SPF rating on it. *GASP* WHAT? This has to be wrong, I thought. Nope...I looked it up on the Neutrogena website...there is no SPF rating for my moisturizer. These bastards! The entire time I have been using it, I have thought I was protecting my skin from the sun.

So now I face a dilemma...I like my combination skin moisturizer by Neutrogena but it is very important to me to protect my skin... Neutrogena doesn't make a combination skin moisturizer with an SPF rating...


Posted by Princess Cat at May 8, 2005 02:15 PM @ 02:15 PM in SSDD // Permalink

Just add some sunblock. Problem solved! :-D

Posted by: Charles at May 8, 2005 03:31 PM

Obviously Charles fails to understand that simple sunblock is not the answer. Sunblock is oily and can disrupt a perfect skin balance achieved by a great moisturizer.

Maybe you need to break down and get the expensive shit. :-) I use Neutrogena too. I like it. Being the chemist that I am, I don't buy into all that shit about expensive products. Quite overrated.

Posted by: Dorothy at May 8, 2005 09:45 PM