May 07, 2005

Thanks, Dad

The question was posed to me recently...How am I able to be so in touch with my feelings and then describe them in such a logical, straightforward, uncomplicated manner?

At first I didn't know. After contemplating it, I have my dad to thank. All those talks we had when I was a kid helped me to be able to identify my emotions and generally pinpoint their source. It probably worked because he didn't give up until I could give him an answer and lying to my father was just something that I was not built to do. It wasn't a badgering kind of not giving up; it was more of a sympathetic, but persistent nudging. After a while I got better at expressing my emotions in a coherent and understandable way. I knew how I felt and he knew what I meant. The talks with dad got less dramatic in nature and my life felt less out of control. I grew up what I like to consider well adjusted.

So now we have today a Princess Cat that may not always feel like the world is on her side or that there is anything she can do about it...but a Princess Cat that can tell you the specific who/what/when/why/where/how of the situation without making a scene...usually...

Thanks, Dad...

Thanks, Dad...

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