April 21, 2005

China & Japan

Most of my friends and family have asked me what I think about the whole China/Japan situation right now. Some have asked why I have not blogged on it. The answer is: I DON'T CARE! I know, I know...I should care...and I do...to a point. There are bloggers all over the place talking about what's going on over there so why should I jump in? Well they say I should because Japan happens to be an area I have studied rather extensively (many of my poli sci courses had to do with Japan in some way - focusing primarily on the late 1890s forward...I also minored in Japanese studies...and I lived there for a while). I'm pretty familiar with the national security policy of Japan and the trends so here goes my take on the situation....

The Short Version:
Violent protest should never be the answer.

Japan should not have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council

The Longer Version:
Japan has many valid reasons for its pursuit of a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. They have become a major player in the international community, an integral piece of the international economy, and the largest/most stable economic force in Asia (for now). Most of their additional reasons are:

1. They are strong/active proponents of many UN sponsored treaties
2. They believe strongly in peacekeeping missions & offer personnel
3. They are significant economic contributors to the UN
4. "The council of today should reflect today's international system'

These are justifiable reasons but I take issue with this last one in particular. The council of today should reflect today's international system but it should also include members with legitimacy on all security matters. Japan's inability to face its demons and insistence on the issue of textbooks strips it of its legitimacy on international security. For Japan to have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council would further trivialize UN resolutions and bring greater scrutiny to the value of the organization as a whole. In a time when the credibility of the only successful supranational organization is in question, Japan should not seek to jeopardize it further.
Many countries have skeletons in their closet but most discuss them and attempt to repent. Japan has not even admitted to their existence. It would be irresponsible for the international community to allow a hypocritical nation such as Japan to sit in judgment of others.
The time draws near, but the time is not now. Sorry Japan.

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*nods* Well, I like how you put it. Much shorter than everything else I've seen.

My 13 yr old sister is obsessed w/ Japan. She wants to visit there. She just got accepted into an Int'l Studies Magnet program for high school and plans to have an Asian focus.

Not sure why she likes it all so much...she does like anime...maybe that's why. Oh well. I'm the one that will probably take her to Japan in the next few years.

Posted by: Dorothy at April 21, 2005 09:39 PM