June 24, 2005

Almost Dead Painter

During my third year of college I lived in an overpriced yet kind of crappy apartment complex. The rent was a little steep but I had my own bedroom so I didn't dare complain too much. The girl that lived in the loft didn't have walls...I was better off than her at least. That year was also the year the management decided to repaint the complex. It took month after month to finish all the buildings...but this single story made living there worth while...

Early one bright and sunny morning the crew taped plastic over my top floor window and prepared to paint the street side of the building. Of course, they started at the top. This meant they placed a VERY high ladder against the building, and it went right past my window. Where there is a ladder, there is a painter...

Come about 8am my alarm clock goes off, simultaneously playing loud pop music and irritating beeps. I reached over and hit snooze...meanwhile, the guy outside jumped 3 feet and spent the next 5 minutes cussing up a storm in Spanish. I snuggled back into bed and dozed until the snooze went off. I reached over and hit snooze again...and the guy outside jumped a couple of feet and swore up and down he almost fell of the ladder and died. I giggled to myself and snuggled back in bed...my Spanish sucked but I could understand enough to know he didn't know where the noise was coming from and was thoroughly pissed off about it. Nine minutes later, the snooze went off again... I was full on laughing at this point... he was still startled by the alarm... He was yelling to other guys in the crew that their joke wasn't funny anymore... which of course made it that much funnier to me... But I felt kind of bad so I turned off the alarm and went to take a shower.

Later, wrapped in a towel, I walked back into my room and just remembering it made me laugh...I damn near killed the guy with my alarm clock!

I told you I hate mornings...enough to kill...

Posted by Princess Cat at June 24, 2005 12:41 AM @ 12:41 AM in Hilarity // Permalink

I have no idea why, but I'm consumed with the image of you living in a loft with another hot girl. And each morning you wake up to your alarm cock together, nearly killing a Hispanic painter. Then the two of you wrestle a little between the covers, which causes the Hispanic to fall of his ladder and plunge to his death.

Then, for no reason reason whatsver, a tiny Thai girl in a French Maid's uniform appears in your bedroom. Then all three of you wrestle around the loft. As it's getting late in the morning, you need to shower, but to conserve water, you all get in together.

Like I said, I have no idea why that image came to me, but it sure does make me smile.

Posted by: skippystalin at June 24, 2005 03:57 PM

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