April 13, 2005

Cali Crisis

What crisis, you ask? Their dammed political identity crisis. According to this information on Polipundit it is real. And I tell you, I love California, but this voting for liberal democrats has got. .to...stop! You know those liberal democrats that you feel so good about yourself voting for? They actually make decisions that affect the rest of the country. Not cool. And why are you voting for them anyway? The voting record for CA issues doesn't seem to show you're all that liberal.

The only reasonable conclusion I can reach (in my semi-conscious state as I am quite groggy) is that Californians suffer from a political identity crisis and are like that guy in Memento who can't form new memories. They have glorified the image of the democrat so they feel good about voting them into national office. But, they can't form new memories so then one of two things happens: (1) They forget the voted for the Democrat and vote based on the CA issue at hand, or (2) They forget the less than helpful outcome of putting the national level Democrat into office, and vote based on the CA issue at hand.

In any event, we should help them...after all, this is a medical condition that isn't their fault.

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