April 19, 2005

Grand Opening

*sticky post*

Well this is a little bit late in coming by now but I'll go for it anyway

Welcome to A Swift Kick & A Band-Aid!

I hope to make this my 4th and final home on the web.

But before you go and read anything else - some major thank you's are in order:

First, to Jim (Snooze Button Dreams). He got me set up in a mighty speedy fashion and was very helpful in the process. Without him and his organizing, I wouldn't have this new home.

Next, to Sadie (Fist Full of Fortnights). She has spent god only knows how many countless hours working with me on the design. She deserves a medal just for putting up with my pain in the ass self as long as she has. And another for being so fun and friendly doing it. Hopefully she won't give up on me just yet. I love the new look and never could have achieved it on my own. If you like the new diggs, all design credits go straight to her!

Finally, to Eric (Straight White Guy). This could be the biggest thank you of them all. I owe my munu nomination to this guy. I owe my connection to designer Sadie to this gentleman, as well. He has answered question after question in my state of real blogger ignorance. And an even bigger thanks for the number of times his kind and supportive words have tamed my demons and/or unknowingly pulled me from the brink of abandoning blogdom altogether.

Unfortunately, I'm terrible at expressing my gratitude adequately enough, especially in written form. Hopefully you three understand what my babbling has been trying to say. And just for good measure, if you guys are ever in the DC Metro/NoVA area, let me know - several rounds are deservingly on me!

*sticky post*

Posted by Princess Cat at April 19, 2005 11:00 PM @ 11:00 PM in Good Times // Permalink

... it was my pleasure, Cat... Sadie rocks, and I am glad she was able to help you out...

Posted by: Eric at April 18, 2005 02:49 PM