December 09, 2007

Babe, Iíll walk the seven seas when i believe that there's a reason to write you a love song today

Thursday... I learned that God just might hate me ...

Wednesday evening I was out drinking with friends and enjoyed several tasty brewskis (cuz what else do you do during the first snow of the season besides brave the streets of DC for beer?)

I came home with a stomach ache.

Thursday morning I woke up with the same stomach ache and some abdominal cramping for good measure that clearly let me know the brewskis were not as friendly as I thought they were the night before.

What happened to a good old fashioned hangover?

Thursday night out (wine/liquor)- no stomach ache
Friday morning - no cramps
Friday night in (wine) - no stomach ache
Saturday morning - no cramps

What kind of God doesn't want me to have beer?!?!?!

... one that hates me ...

Posted by Princess Cat at December 9, 2007 11:22 AM @ 11:22 AM in Random Much? // Permalink | TrackBack

Sweetie, you got to drink good beer not the sorry ass American brewed shit. Next time you go out try some good German or Irish beer. Drink the dark beers nice and cold. They won't make you sick like the American donkey piss they call beer.



Posted by: Assrot at December 11, 2007 05:55 PM

That kind of God I have. He prefers I drink Cuervo Black tequila, straight. Good man that God guy.

Posted by: Dick at December 11, 2007 08:26 PM