March 08, 2007

And now I can't stop thinkin' about it
All you people at the top, don't know nothin' about it

Seriously ... some people should just not be allowed to be in a position of power. And I do mean any kind of position where they are the decision maker.

What kind of woman calls the hospital and instructs them not to release information to anyone but her? Not even the patients own relatives after they have spent a week and a half being her primary caregivers and intimately involved in the case from the very beginning! Oh yeah, the same kind of woman that leaves her husband sitting in the hospital for a week waiting on a transfer to another hospital that can't even be bothered to return a phone call about the case, let alone actually read the file. Meanwhile she's turning down another hospital actually calling to ask where their patient is.

You stupid, self-absorbed cunt of a whore.

Too bad the poor man can't speak for himself because for all we know, he's dying right before our eyes.

Posted by Princess Cat at March 8, 2007 03:16 PM @ 03:16 PM in I Wear These Boots For A Reason // Permalink | TrackBack

If I really wanted information I would get a lawyer and have them try to get something sorted in a legal fashion.

If I was seriously concerned that someone in my family was possibly dying I would be at the hospital myself, with a lawyer.

Doctors live with a healthy paranoia of lawsuits. Having a lawyer at a patients room with members of a patients family can work wonders.

Posted by: Jared at March 11, 2007 04:58 AM

Keep in mind -- when married, the two become one. That means, yes, that the other is more responsible for the first than even the rest of their own family. If one of the two is irresponsible, then the second of the two will suffer -- but that's just a reason to ensure that you make the right decision when you're married, eh?

Sorry to hear that your wonderful family (I presume) is yet again not turning out the best way that you'd like. It doesn't mean it's over, just that it will take even more patience on your part. And yes, I know you've used up all yours. I'll let you borrow some of mine if you like.

Posted by: Ogre at March 11, 2007 12:32 PM

WTF? Is it possible for people to grow stupider, right before your eyes? Stop blinking; every time you open them, they get an even-more-overinflated sense of what's right (to them, anyway).

Posted by: dawn at March 13, 2007 09:02 PM