March 05, 2007

She Just Needs Someone To Take Her Home

Ok, I've been engaging in some serious blog neglect ... I just haven't been here. I'm not really sure where I've been ... it just wasn't here.

I told one of my co-workers last week, its really starting to feel like I just can't catch a break. The minute there is a chance for something to go awry, it does. Sometimes things still work out in the end (not holding my breath that the bedding shows up, despite the hold on my credit card), sometimes they don't. It still feels like the universe is off kilter and the dominos just can't help but fall over, no matter how many times I keep setting them back up.

I left work early about a week and a half ago to make sure that someone wasn't going to be left in the ER and would actually get admitted to the hospital for his pneumonia. 16 hrs after he arrived, in the middle of the night, they found him a bed.

A week later, just as they were ready to send him to a nursing home for daily physical therapy to get some strength back, a surgeon drops the bomb that he needs to be in the OR Monday. A CT scan found an abdominal mass, a liver mass, and fluid in the abdomen. Whaaa? We thought he has pnumonia ... where did a surgeon come from??

His family and my family both went into overdrive trying get ok with the idea that surgery would happen, to find out if this surgeon had the credentials to make that call, and to get him in the hands of someone who was more specialized. Turns out he wasn't just some schmuck with a scalpel but a transfer to a different hospital was ultimately decided.

Monday has come and gone. No surgery has happened, the transfer hasn't happened, no assessment has been made by the new hospital. I really want to be hopeful and positive, for the sake of everyone involved, but I am beginning to feel like a magnet for all things that can go wrong.

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