January 31, 2007

Workin At The Carwash ...

I think I could have started a carwash in my laundry room tonight ...
or turned it into a super slippery porn set...

A brand new, unopened bottle of concentrated laundry detergent bound from my supra-vibe dyer, onto the floor, spewing its contents everywhere (and even getting some splash distance up on the wall).

It took an entire roll of paper towels to get the mess mopped up.

Who knew laundry was so exciting for the supplies ...

(The Christina version just seemed to have the right level of SLUT to go with the theme of the post, don't you think?)

Posted by Princess Cat at January 31, 2007 07:05 PM @ 07:05 PM in SSDD // Permalink | TrackBack

it's all good with the laundry-room/car-wash :) it happens... (i think you can actually measure the speed at which the bottle hit the floor by obtaining the distance from the point of landing to the wall, and then the highest point at which the soap hit... from there you just need to calculate the hypotenuse [which would be the distance between that high point and the point of landing] and multiply it by the constant "g"...)

All of that just for the LULZ!!!1

I stumbled upon your blog and found it very funny, and since I'm actually in SD, CA, thought it'd nice to drop a quick line and also mention that the weather has been splendid the last couple days, with a bit of rain here and there, but nothing big... not too cold, not too hot... just perfect... hope you're enjoying your time in DC...

Posted by: Ricardo at January 31, 2007 10:07 PM

"spewing its contents everywhere (and even getting some splash distance up on the wall)."


Posted by: armywifetoddlermom at February 1, 2007 08:42 AM

Incidentally, I had that happen to me too. The detergent fell from its perch at the top of my stacked W/D combo. And the room it fell in was one of those apartment laundry rooms that are like 3 ft by 8 ft and share space with the hot water heater.

It happened 7 months ago and I still see the occasional seepage from under the W/D or water heater.

Posted by: Dorothy at February 1, 2007 04:35 PM

You must be getting old. Younger folk would have stripped down and enjoyed the slip-n-slide for awhile before cleaning it up...

Posted by: Ogre at February 2, 2007 09:50 AM

BTW, vinegar will help clean up soap mess.

Posted by: Victor at February 5, 2007 09:21 PM