January 25, 2007

My Fine Is $630.60

And who's surprised about my score?

But I'm just going to leave you guys to guess how it got that high ... ;-)

Here’s how it works: You don’t have to confess your answers, just the amount of your fine. (Not per incident!) Tally up your score and post it on your blog with the title… ”My Fine Is…”

Smoked pot — $10
Did acid — $5
Ever had sex at church — $25
Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you — $40
Had sex with someone on MySpace — $25
Had sex for money — $100
Vandalized something — $20
Had sex on your parents’ bed — $10
Beat up someone — $20
Been jumped — $10
Crossed dressed — $10
Given money to stripper — $25
Been in love with a stripper — $20
Kissed some one who’s name you didn’t know — $0.10
Hit on some one of the same sex while at work — $15
Ever drive drunk — $20
Ever got drunk at work, or went to work while still drunk — $50
Used toys while having sex — $30
Got drunk, passed out and don’t remember the night before — $20
Went skinny dipping — $5
Had sex in a pool — $20
Kissed someone of the same sex — $10
Had sex with someone of the same sex — $20
Cheated on your significant other — $10
Masturbated — $10
Cheated on your significant other with their relative or close friend — $20
Done oral — $5
Got oral — $5
Done/got oral in a car while it was moving — $25
Stole something — $10
Had sex with someone in jail — $25
Made a nasty home video — $15
Had a threesome — $50
Had sex in the wild — $20
Been in the same room while someone was having sex — $25
Stole something worth over more than a hundred dollars — $20
Had sex with someone 10 years older — $20
Had sex with someone under 21 and you are over 27 — $25
Been in love with two people or more at the same time — $50
Said you love someone but didn’t mean it — $25
Went streaking — $5
Went streaking in broad daylight — $15
Been arrested — $5
Spent time in jail — $15
Peed in the pool — $0.50
Played spin the bottle — $5
Done something you regret — $20
Had sex with your best friend — $20
Had sex with someone you work with at work — $25
Had anal sex — $80
Lied to your mate — $5
Lied to your mate about the sex being good — $25

Posted by Princess Cat at January 25, 2007 11:47 PM @ 11:47 PM in All About Princess // Permalink | TrackBack

Dirty girl... I only have a $495.50 fine. But about that jail thing... I'm on the good side of the bars... not the bad side... Does that still count?

Posted by: Telebush at January 26, 2007 01:10 AM


no comment

Posted by: RSM at January 26, 2007 06:50 AM

yeah, not sharing my score. I did calculate it once, and think I missed a couple of things...

OH MY...

I do like seeing everyone elses score. It makes me feel less naughty for sure...

Posted by: armywifetoddlermom at January 26, 2007 09:37 AM

Um... are those fines for EACH time? I don't think I have that much money...

Posted by: Ogre at January 26, 2007 09:48 AM

I was 340.50.

Posted by: The Maximum Leader at January 26, 2007 10:30 AM

$350.50, just a piker

Posted by: Dog at January 26, 2007 11:47 AM


RSM must be a ho.

Posted by: buckethead at January 26, 2007 06:30 PM

The maximum leader is not very, uh, villainous.

Posted by: buckethead at January 26, 2007 06:39 PM

Okay, I looked at my score and thought I was very bad, but damn, not compared to you all! LOL!

Posted by: Laurie at January 26, 2007 11:04 PM


Posted by: Jared at January 27, 2007 11:24 PM

Hmmmm, $530.60. Kinda middle of the pack here.

Posted by: LL at January 28, 2007 07:14 PM

RSM would like to point out he has never actually been paid for it, and, therefore, is not by definition a "ho."

He has, however, lived quite a full life...

Posted by: RSM at January 30, 2007 05:45 PM

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