December 26, 2006

At Least My Tree Is Still Pretty

As some are lamenting the passing of Christmas, I am left with two feelings: 1) counting the days until it is gone, and 2) wondering why everything has to be shoved all into one day to be so great.

I haven't received all of my presents yet, though I've sent out all of mine. Really, I'm ok with that. Presents a few days before, a few days after, maybe even a week or two ... who doesn't like getting a present on a random day of the week?

I sort of hate Christmas though because it just shows how little my family pays attention. I really want the season to be over because I am irked by the reminders of those that did it half way but wanted full credit. I have had several jewelry discussions with mom but still, she bought what is her style, not mine. Granted, they are pretty but they are not what I would buy for myself. Discussion after discussion just goes in one ear and out the other with dad, so why I still think telling him specifically what I want matters, I have no idea.

Now before you go calling me ungrateful, I would never make a list of requests if they didn't ask for one. They pressure and pester until I finally put together a list. I try to be reasonable in the cost of things and practical in the requests (seriously ... I put a trash can on my wish list this year ... $26.99 from ... no where to be found) Some of the same things show up on it every year, but they are never the ones purchased. The items that I express a special need or desire for are the ones left out (canisters for my flour and sugar would come in kinda handy here people!!) And inevitably I get the gift that is sort of what I asked for, but not it. So why the hell do I take the time to a) make the list, and b) get specific in the items requested. You people are going to buy whatever it is you want to buy anyway ...

And don't get me started on my brother ... $10 perfume? WTF!?!

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My tree got mange early on. While normally we leave the tree up for a week or so after Christmas, this balding tree got kicked to the curb yesterday.

Since we didn't go out to Ohio to see the family, I imagine we'll be getting a few gift cards in the mail over the next couple weeks. Not as nice as real gifts, but they are useful.

Posted by: buckethead at December 27, 2006 01:23 PM

Hmm... well my family is pretty close, but I still get a little disallusioned with Christmas. Maybe I wouldn't feel that way if I was a little better prepared farther ahead. Mostly it seems like too much busy rushing around, but we usually enjoy the days together when it finally arrives. Usually I am just happy when it is over.

Posted by: Laurie at December 27, 2006 11:53 PM