November 12, 2008

I Want These Words To Make Things Right
But Its The Wrongs That Make The Words Come To Life

I've been thinking a lot about the post Chuck wrote in which he called for us all to support the Office of the Presidency as a position, regardless of our thoughts about the person that fills the seat, less we become the moonbats that we so disdain.

I have to agree - personal slurs and attacks on character make us the moonbats.

Don't get me wrong ... I disagree with the majority of Obama's proposed policies, I find his speeches empty, the sound of him talking makes my skin crawl, and I will do whatever I can as a voter to stand in his way ... but he will soon be my President and I will not reduce myself to the level of the Dixie Chicks.

I am however a tad bit angry that the moonbats would pull the "one country, one team" crap out of their asses now that their man won. Am I to support your President the way you supported mine? No, because I have more respect for the institutions upon which our nation is built.

I will respect the Office, even if I can't respect the man, but I will so do with a saddness in my heart for every moonbat that could not manage the same and then made a mockery of our country when they thoughtlessly exercised their right to vote that better men gave to them and ensure that they keep.

Ashamed of my countrymen

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