July 30, 2008

Everytime We Touch I Get This Feeling ...

For whatever reason, commuters have chosen this week to flood the evening buses. I'm talking standing room only, multi-bus-long lines at transfer points (especially the metro). That may explain my new found, uh, "friend" today.

I was sitting in one of the seats that faces the aisle of the bus (as opposed to facing the front of the bus), talking to my coworker in the row next to me, minding my own business, and I noticed ... my space was being encroached upon.

Ordinarily on an overly crowded bus, this is common and a slightly annoyed look reminds the offender that they should stay within their own space. Hey, it works. (I promise it has nothing to do with the fact that I am generally several inches taller than said offender or have a slightly annoyed face that also says, "Do I look like I'm going to let that slide?" They just stop ... What? I've never done bodily harm to anyone on the bus ...)

That technique did not work so well today...

At first, because I was trying to talk to my friend, I tried to ignore it. But the encroachment kept on coming... Mr. Hoodie next to me fell asleep and was trying to use me as his personal shoulder pillow!

I kept shifting toward my friend but one can only move their upper body so far in one direction without looking like they are trying to cut one, tipping over, or ripping in half. So, he ended up square on my shoulder like we were new best buddies. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, he woke up, lifted his head, and tried to mutter some type of "excuse me" or "sorry" ... I couldn't really tell ...

Sing it with me everyone ... AWKWARD!

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July 27, 2008

Move Over Jen Lancaster
I Can Write Long Subtitles Too

The more I use my wii fit, the more I think I should rename my blog to "Confessions of a Fat Ass: how a slightly blubbery girl comes to the realization that there really isn't muscle hiding under there"

Once upon a time, I was a girl with a fair amount of strength. Um, apparently ... not so much anymore ...

Sitting in front of a computer all day, every day has done more damage that I previously realized. I am facing an uphill battle ...

and Wii fit, you evil bastard ... I hate you for calling me out when I cheat at yoga ...

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July 19, 2008

If You Realize What I Just Realized

Lesson of the day:

It is worth paying a professional to do the job right when one wants their armpits waxed.

Yes, I tried to do this myself ... and failed ...

Luckily, I didn't injure myself but I did end up with a bunch of sticky purple wax to clean up and significantly more hair left than one would expect after a wax job. Is there a more coordinated woman out there that has managed to do this at home successfully?*

*If I were awesome enough to have a gay following like Tori Spelling or Jen Lancaster, I would almost expect this answer to come from some fabulous tranny that knows how to dress with style miles beyond me. But, I'm not that awesome ...

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July 18, 2008

I Need A Lover That Won't Drive Me Crazy

Does anyone else find it wrong that I need a blanket to survive a conference room but a fan to survive my desk?

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July 16, 2008

Yes Way Jose ...

For anyone that likes Thai food but doesn't really know how to cook, Trader Joes is your new best friend. I just finished making (and eating) an awesomely easy Thai dish with four ingredients. FOUR! (mostly)

1 bag of Thai seasoned green beans (Trader Joes)
1 package of Thai seasoned baked tofu (Trader Joes)
1 large chicken breast
1/4 onion, sliced

Throw the chicken in a hot non-stick pan and get a good sear going. Toss in the sliced onions and a splash of wine. Add in the green beans and follow the directions on the bag. After adding the sauce, add the tofu and gently toss. Your dinner is now DONE!

Now, I said mostly four ingredients because I do gussy up my meat a little when I make asian food. I thinly sliced the chicken, sprinkled it with some corn starch, splashed it with some white wine, and let it sit there for a bit before I threw it in a hot pan. Of course, salt and pepper are required as well. And I did de-glaze the pan with a splash of white wine before the green beans went in ...

but still ...

that's mostly only four ingredients!

I am now a Trader Joes convert

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July 14, 2008

Yes, that is the sound of the cell door slamming shut ... again ...

Official word has finally arrived:

"For the forgoing reasons we affirm the conviction against Mr. X for first-degree involuntary manslaughter the first degree and leaving the scene of an accident."

While the language in the ruling doesn't make a whole lot of sense ... it doesn't change that the shmuck is in jail for a minimum of almost 12 more years.

I expect to go through at least one more round of appeals but we're doing ok so far... a new trial would just give the prosecution to fix the errors of the last one and do it better the second time.

'scuse me while I go celebrate...

Disturbia (FuLL) - Rihanna

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