September 22, 2007

I Remember When
I Remember When
I Remember When I Lost My Mind...

Anyone remember that grad school burnout funk I was in for so long? Well you might want to get used to it again cuz I've landed myself back in class for the rest of the year ... and not by choice.

I really wanted to give it the ol' college try but it is just one clusterfuck of stupidity after another. I'd say at least a third of us are completely over it after only 2 weeks and find it increasingly difficult to even feign daily interest. In the disaffected circle our collective attitude has become one of incredulity with most every speaker.

So what's my response? I am currently avoiding my homework assignment (blogging has always come in handy for that task ... woohoo blogging!)

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September 07, 2007

Can Ninja's Catch Colds?

Today is yet another workless Friday (hmm...maybe I should stop complaining about work so much?) I actually did have to go into work today (in a suit no less) but only for a half day ... the majority of which I was able to practice my shading skills as I doodled on the provided notepad.

But the afternoon off afforded me the ability to peruse my sitemeter. I have to say 1) I am truly shocked by the sheer volume of readers I have maintained during my funk (not that there were volumes to begin with ... but still...), and 2) honored by the quality of the readership that seems to keep stopping by.

So, for their entertainment ... Ask A Ninja...

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