September 19, 2006

All You Hear is Our Song, Like A Siren on The 101

Ok, I can't find where I packed the camera ... so those pictures are going to have to wait a bit. And I can't get internet started until Thursday some time, so blogging will remain light.

I will tell you though, as cluttered, chaotic, and unkept the new place seems in the midst of unpacking ... it is still SOOO nice. I just may have to start calling it The Manor, but I shall open a poll for the official name once I find the camera.

Unfortunately, I have had trouble sleeping the past couple of nights... but, I think that will pass. The overhwelming peacefulness of lying in my own bed, in my own house, listening to the crickets under the moonlight pouring across the ceiling has made me see how much stress I have been carrying over the last two years ... just from the tension of my living arrangements.

The guy I lived with was just the wrong person for me. Without placing too much judgement ... our personalities might as well have been oil and water. What was I thinking living with a Democrat? As awful a roommate as he thought I was, I hope karma sends in my place someone worth complaining about. My landlord was just too much of a slumlord for my taste. I have had better luck with apartment complexes with incompetent management. And the track-star children living upstairs were maddening. Having my car keyed in the parking lot didn't help my comfort level either.

I see frequent and prolonged use of my new soaking tub in the near future.

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Umm...if you can't get the internet working, how in the WORLD did you make this post? Paying internet people everywhere want to know! ;)

Posted by: Ogre at September 19, 2006 02:59 PM

I recall waking up with you on that morning listening to the acrobatics upstairs and thinking...what in the fuck is going on?

A seal pounding a herring on the table?

Posted by: Armywifetoddlermom at September 19, 2006 07:19 PM

Congratulations on your new home! Got Lawnmower Man?

Posted by: RedNeck at September 19, 2006 08:50 PM

big congrats...

name ideas:
Dudette Ranch
The Csthouse
Swift Kick and a Mortgage
If you want Eric at your door:
The Library
If not:
Zombie Mansion

Posted by: RSM at September 20, 2006 05:18 AM

One of the first things you will adjust to is that whenever you go to the store, from now until the foreseeable future, it will cost you a minimum of $100. And you don't even have fun getting the stuff! A new trash can, mailbox, yard tools, something to repair the faucet. Doesn't matter, by the time you leave the home improvement store it will cost you in units of $100. (OK, perhaps I exaggerate.) So much fun! But having your very own place - it is the best!!!

Think you got some good name suggestions. The Manor seems like a good option, although a bit formal. I kind of like a Swift Kick and a Mortgage... But a bit long for daily use.

Congratulations! Welcome to home ownership!

Posted by: jck at September 20, 2006 06:37 AM

... congrats on the new digs!...

Posted by: Eric at September 20, 2006 07:56 AM

The Castle?

you are a princess..

The Manor

I have seen pictures, it is loverly

The Money Pit,

because all homes are

Posted by: Armywifetoddlermom at September 20, 2006 12:30 PM

The Palace? After all, isn't that where modern day princesses live?

Posted by: Princess Cat at September 20, 2006 02:31 PM


You lived with a Democrat? Jesus, you're a woman of many secrets....all us GWU folks thought you were solidly redstate.

Posted by: Aglissade at September 20, 2006 03:07 PM

This is esprit d escalier typing:

The Cathouse. Isn't it obvious?

Posted by: Aglissade at September 20, 2006 03:12 PM


And they are right about the money. It seems I am always buying crap for my new place!

Posted by: Sissy at September 20, 2006 10:28 PM