August 07, 2006

Letting The Days Go By

My trip up to the bizzare state of Penn went really well. I say bizzare because they don't seem to have heard of so many seemingly normal and useful things ... such as, radio ... toilet seat covers ... or water balloons. WTF? Personally, I blame the Dutch.

The drive was much shorter than anticipated, both coming and going. That didn't stop me from getting antsy, achey, and overall stir crazy (as my CD collection rather blows and someone has failed to send their XM receiver down to me) but still ... better to feel that way for as little time as possible.

Here are pics of the men I went all that way to see:

Little Man T (4 m/o)

Big Man D, the birthday boy (2 y/o) **

It was a good time with the extended family. No drama. No death. Lots of laughs. Children playing. Plenty of food I had no business eating (and it was YUMMY!). I just may adopt them as my more immediate family for a while.

**Yes, that is a mohawk he's sportin in the pic ... or as he calls it a "ho-hawk." It was even dyed blue the day I arrived.

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Aww, how adorable!

Posted by: Laurie at August 8, 2006 09:43 PM