August 01, 2006

I Can't Take This Mediocrity

First of all, I accept full responsibility for not being better at setting the money aside that I knew would eventually come due, but ...

I'm about to kick my landlord in the shins

He sent an email today asking me to pony up $3079.14. Not the pair of us that live here, me. Oh, but I can do half now and the rest in 3 monthly payments. HA! I don't think so. Has this guy gone certifiably insane?

Let me reiterate here dude: A failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. Got it?

For the more than a year - yes I said YEAR ... as in a full 12 flips of the calendar pages and then some - he has failed to bill us for utilities. Utilities which I think are too high, might I add. But lack of upkeep has a way of doing that to your heating and cooling bills. So now that he's gotten around to sending me an email, I'm supposed to pay utilities for July 05 through May 06.

And how long will I have to wait to be billed for the other two summer months that have gone by but you were too lazy to include? Apparently another year at this rate.

On top of that, he's trying to get August rent from me from a year ago. I wrote the check, he lost the check. So now you want me to pay double rent for August of this year to make up for your mistake? I'm not the one that lost the check, sounds like it should be when it is convenient for me to replace the check since you created the inconvenience.

This guy thinks I need to be jumping right on paying him but where was he when my fan needed to be fixed? Too busy, its still broken more than 6 months later. Where was he when we started getting water damage from the heavy rains? Who knows, he didn't answer his email. Where is he on fixing the leaking doors and windows? To cheap, I'm sure. And the rotting seal around the kitchen sink? He'll let it fall through the counter before he does a thing, no doubt.

Once money gets involved, people just suck. UGH

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try dealing with people's money for a living, holey moley. sorry bout your luck, chuck. i'd be looking for a better space. how much time do you have left there and where will you likely move?

Posted by: shoe at August 1, 2006 07:42 AM