July 06, 2006

That Magic Wand

At the risk of furthering the highly erroneous idea that I am a neat freak ... I feel the need to confess my sins of the day.

... I crevice tooled nearly my entire house ...

I pulled out all the vacuum attachments, made myself a magic wand of suction (wow, someone could go bad places with that one), snapped on the crevice tool, and away I went.

Room corners? Done
Baseboards? Done
Edges of the carpet? Done
Crown moldings? Done
Fireplace encasement? Done
Air vents? Done
Door frames? Done
Sliding glass door track? Done
Under the stove? Done
Under the fridge? Done

And then, yes ... there's more
... I dusted/cleaned every neglected thing in the house ...

All the usual stuff? Done (duh)
Chair rail? Done
Stupid inset wall panels? Done
Evil decorative wood going up the stairs? Done
Banisters? Done (btw, these were the nastiest part of the whole day ... hand grime like you wouldn't believe!)

If my room weren’t still so cluttered up, I'd think I'm turning a little OCD. I'm telling you, today was a scary day ...

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I have a place you can hang out if you want... and deal with some of that OCD.

You'd be surprised at the dust from living in the woods.

Posted by: RSM at July 5, 2006 11:11 PM