July 04, 2006

July 4, 2006 - Part II

My day certainly did not turn out at all how I had intended it to.

My original plans were to go with two friends and join the masses of tourons (tourists, to those of you who aren't local) for fireworks on The Mall. Last night, my girl called and cancelled on me. I called this morning to try to talk her into it but she wasn't having it. So, since she was bummed, I said we'd hang at her place. She wasn't having that either. Well shit ... these two were damn near the only ones in town and they were bailing on me. WTF?

Instead ...

I had Mexican food, rolled in some dirt, almost got killed, bleached the crap out of my kitchen, had Japanese food, discussed vaginas, and THEN got to watch fireworks.

Now for the longer version ...

The back up plan for the day was to go to the Marine Corps War Memorial (better known as the Iwo Jima statue) to watch the sunset parade with the Commandant's Own and the Silent Drill Team. And then either watch fireworks from there or catch some elsewhere in the city.

That plan also failed.

On the way there I got some Baja Fresh to go. I grabbed a seat on the ground with a great dead-on view of the statue and started on my late lunch/early dinner. The weather was looking nasty but they put the band on anyway. Not 20 mins after I got there and only one song into the performance, they cancelled the rest of the parade due to incliment weather. No silent drill team for me ... :-(

The weather was more than incliment ... walking back to the metro I had lightening strike in front of me closer than I can ever remember being to it. So, we took a short little jaunt into the drug store and waited ... as the bottom of the sky dropped out. Immediate downpour and hail was all you could see outside. Once it stopped, I went home.

But not all was lost ... I called up my old college roommate (who was headed to The Mall) and told her to head over to my place instead now that they had shut The Mall down as well. Unfortunately, that meant I had to quickly clean up the disaster that my house had become. I was in no mood to be made fun of for being a slob.

She showed up with one of her friends (no comments about the slobbiness of my house ... cool ... ) and we had Japanese food for dinner. She just graduated from Med School though ... and she's a gyno ... so we did a little twat talk too. Kind of odd, kind of not ... She's very open and very comedic about her chosen profession.

The fireworks finally rolled around and were most convenient ... all we had to do was sit in my condo parking lot. Sometimes, life really is just easy.

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I missed out on a vagina conversation....come on lady.

Posted by: armywifetoddlermom at July 5, 2006 08:14 AM

You are talking about vaginas (over Japanese food). Your "girls" were "freeing" themselves a few days ago. I would like to hang out with you more often.

Posted by: The Maximum Leader at July 5, 2006 09:37 AM

Touron = a cross between a tourist and a moron

need more on that other "discussion" from a gynecologists point of view!!

Posted by: Dave at July 5, 2006 05:08 PM