July 03, 2006

Mt Soledad Update

Finally ... someone has some sense ... Supreme Court Issues a Stay for Cross on San Diego City Property

It sure as hell isn't the idiot trying to get the cross taken down though. I mean seriously ... the cross is part of a war memorial ... are you really going to pull the whole separation of church and state thing? Cuz other than that argument, you've got nothin, Buddy.

You don't like the cross? Don't look at it.

And how long are you going to push this battle? The city has been having political and financial trouble for how long now? If you cared about your city, you'd help them sort it all out. Instead, you're using it to your advantage to try to get your pet project through. Guess that means you don't get to complain about anyone else doing that again, now do you?

I say again ... if you don't like the cross ... Don't look at it.

Thank you, Supreme Court, for having some sense.

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