May 16, 2006

Girl Interrupted

I just flew back into D.C. .... and boy my arms are tired ...

The blogging has sucked lately since I've been out of town and it doesn't look like it will get any better any time soon...

Mom gets to town tomorrow
Dad/Bro/Aunt/Friend get to town Thurs
No idea when g-ma gets to town ... last I heard her plans to drive were foiled by the power steering in her car that couldn't be readily fixed.

I'll be with at least 2 family members every day for the rest of the entire month ... I may need someone to come break me out of the looney bin or jail by the time this is overwith. With my luck, probably both at some point ...

The worst part is that I'm really starting to miss being able to write about what's going through my head ... stupid responsibilities ...

I've been severely interrupted

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Hey, I am the MASTER of the emergency bailout phone call.

Let me know when you need one.

Posted by: rsm at May 17, 2006 01:02 PM