March 28, 2006

Grandma Update

I got the following e-mail from my father this evening when I got home from work:

Court hearing this morning. Finally, a preliminary hearing scheduled for April 18. Likely he will plead/deal before that. Looking like all parties may agree on a 10 to 12 year sentencing - somewhere in that range - knowing that parole after serving 15% to 20% of time is possible.
I am so not ok with this ... on any level. What kind of tough on crime, tough on drunk driving message are we sending when an irresponsible drunk can kill an elderly woman and serve only 1.5 - 2 years? She had far more years than that left on her life and she was a member of society that actually contributed! She touched people and changed their lives, just by being who she was. And this scumbag who never offered anything of substance to a community in his life gets to just take her away and be slapped on the wrist for it?

And I haven't heard word one about anyone fighting to actually put him in a courtroom. Witnesses and a good case - and they are already talking about a bullshit plea.

I'm f'in disgusted.

Posted by Princess Cat at March 28, 2006 06:00 PM @ 06:00 PM in All Things Evil // Permalink | TrackBack

Something you might want to consider--sue him in civil court for wrongful death. Then, wants he is found liable, any financial judgement can be levied against him when he gets out of jail. His wages can be garnished and thus he will continue to "pay" for his crime.

Also, a nasty way of looking at it, by garnishing his wages, you might force him into a life of crime which could put him back in jail...exactly where you might want him.

Was it evil for me to suggest those things?

Posted by: Dorothy at March 29, 2006 11:44 AM

Dorothy's on the money. Although it's such a shame that the only way to get justice is to go out-of-pocket with a civil suit instead of just letting him run around a paintball field and "accidentally" bringing a handgun instead of a paint gun.

Posted by: dawn at April 1, 2006 07:43 PM